How to improve the comfort of your passenger?

Here’s a little, cheap and easy tip, presented in video, which will reconcile your passenger with bumps!
How to improve the comfort of your passenger?

Hey @Christian, your Twizy looks well used. It’s time for a new one!! :grinning:

You have no idea what I’m doing it suffer!

I have a large gel seat pad which fits perfectly. I bought it for the most uncomfortable car I have ever owned, a Nissan note. Bloody awful car. Gel seat pad is very comfy, but quite cold in winter. A memory foam pad would be better. Both available from eBay for around a tenner.

Someone who knows well the automotive industry and its safety rules pointed out to me that everything we put on a seat removes security if it is not very securely attached. Indeed, in the event of severe frontal impact, this thing will slide forward with the passenger and prevent the seat belt do its job. As my additional cushion is under the seat, this risk is eliminated.
We could imagine to put your gel seat pad under the seat in place of my (too) simple chair cushion. I am alos looking for other materials to replace it.

Just screw the stabilizers off and there you are. Comfort in an instant. And the T stays as agile as ever. My €0,02

Interesting ! Which stabilizers ? Have you any pictures ?

Of course :smile:

Thx ! Have you done the same on the back ?

Yes I did. And because it is a 9 minutes job to remove each bar you can experience the comfortable though good ride yourself. Inflate the rear tires to 2,5 bar, the front tires to 2 bar.

As you can see on the photos I placed rubber grommets in the 8 holes, to not attract attention to missing stuff.

Wow! thats interesting @shthpnz. You’ve removed both anti-roll bars to reduce stiffness. How does your Twizy handle now, how many miles have you done since?

Handles perfect. Some more body roll. Nothing to be be worried about. Even with my unleached OMVS-Twizy. 3000 km so far, of which two daytrips of 260 km each😎

Well… I spoke with one of the designers of the Twizy and its response is very clear: the stabilizers are essential, especially when cornering. Passenger safety is involved.
For my part, I add that since this is a significant change of the vehicle, the insurance can take nothing responsible in case of accident …

So: don’t try this at home :grinning:

Yes, there’s the rub. Modifications may compromise insurance and possibly warranty.
Would that explain why there has been little follow up on the mods to Stirling Moss’s Twizy suspension?
I’m not too bothered by the hard ride, it means I can corner like the electric kart that I drove at Haynes Motor Museum last year ( my grandson beat me - don’t mention it!) but I would always be interested in improvements. Have others fitted the Ministromer bushes and noted any benefits?

Hi Silas,

Yes, I have fitted the Ministromer bushes and find them an improvement. I was amused to find they were made using a 3d printer or digital cutter. High price but much more comfortable.

Hi Pete
Thanks for the info, after wrestling with Google Translate I think I might have ordered a set! I’ll report back.

Andreas at Ministromer types relatively good English, so you can always email him :smile:

Has anyone experimented with slightly lower tyre pressures as a way to increase comfort a bit? Just a thought…

Range and grip are affected by moving too far from the Renault suggested ones. It is worth checking what yours are set to at the moment. Don’t trust Renault dealers to get it right.