How to make super fast twizy

Hi everyone

I ordered power box. But I want to make it really fast. I use twizy only at weekend for recreation and ride only alone.

Any ideas? May be to change engine or put additional battery?

my mods:
body kit for carbon
led headlights
new rims
new key with electric auto open doors mode
moon roof
seats in alcantra
audio system with subwoofer

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Change the motor I suppose. Twizy is only 17bhp or something.

Turbocharge it !!!
Silly answer, of course. But it already looks fast standing still :scream:

How did you install next set of wheels, does it require an adaptor-extension? Current ones are designed to sit all too close, snug to the body and the while adaptor set is likely also needed to go with other sets.

Damn it Alexandr!
Why did you join this forum? Now my Twizy looks like a piece of crap!! Hahaha

Fascinating job.
Nothing can make it faster as is except, make it lighter.
Remove all that stuff you added and then some. Anything you don’t need to Acceleraze Steer and Brake… Remove:)

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We made custom made adaptor.

All kit are from carbon fiber. Its not so heavy and comparing to stock twizy its not so much slower.

But twizy in stock is too slow. So I am think this year another project to make it really fast.

On a Twizy every little counts. Those fat tyres, aerodynamic barriers and weight make minimal changes.

But wait until you powerbox is in. You will realize the acceleration is enough but the top speed isn’t.

And if you ask me… Without ABS and very poor brakes, you DONT want it any faster!
Upgrade your brakes first! Then turn it into a rocket.

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Buy a used Zero Fx 5,7. for 7000-8000€ or SR if possible. Remove 100% of the Twizy electrical system and scrap it or sell it. Sell the Zero non electrical system - meaning frame, wheels shocks etc. for 1500-2000€. Cancel the battery rent. Modify the (Zero) Sevcon controller so that you can rewind your Twizy.

Left on the “to do list”: Solve the gearbox issue :slight_smile:

Hi! If you don’t mind can you put a few extra fotos of your Twizy on here? I really want to make a body kit like that! Thanks

Its absolutely same bodykit as on renault twizy f1. You can find hundred of photos on the web.

@Alexandr: We just want to see more pictures of YOUR beauty :heart_eyes:

Hahah true, and maybe some fotos of how you made it (if you have them)

I am sure you investigated the KERS solution that the F1 team put in? In that scenario a separate battery cell is in place. The dilemma of power is this, more power = more consumption. In electric terms, more battery juice. P = Volts x Amps. Given that most of the stock components will run at a certain max power level, such as the relay, the impact of adding more power will cross over through most of the circuitry the Twizy was designed for. The motor itself might be the only component that might take additional power without an upgrade, but again, would need checking. When it comes to electric, I found that the max power tolerances are much tighter than the mechanical motors. So it’s not like adding a turbo and everything is “mostly” fine and remains stock. Then there is range considerations. Hot rodding might only give you a fraction of the 30miles to 50miles range… And finally, more battery = more weight. To make the Twizy faster without the compromises of powertrain headaches and cost, it leaves one thing left - weight reduction. Wheels and tires, only use what you really need, super light rims should be looked into. The Twizy is only 500kg heavy or so, real car rims is over the top… I would investigate battery cell weights. @Ippe can probably help find some solution there (at least compare stock vs other cells) given the battery is a massive weight component. Seat rail is just steel, that can go to a fixed position if you don’t share the ride for example. Doors would need to go (that’s why the F1 team don’t have any). I guess you get the picture. If I were to do it, weight reduction would be the place to start, then a new ECU to not restrict you to 52mph… Then maybe the KERS upgrade which is like a electric-Nitrous shot to 97bhp I think for 16 seconds :slight_smile: I have enquires with Renault on the KERS upgrade, they won’t release any details to me :stuck_out_tongue:

In the field of weight reduction I have a no brainer for you.

The battery is held in place by four bars. Those bars are made of … cast iron. Each bar weighs 5,3 KG. In the inside information papers of the Twizy those bars are mentioned as being there to add weight (on the lowest point of the T). If you want weight reduction you can easily replace them for aluminum bars. Cheap to buy, easy to make. The iron bars weigh 21,2 KG, the aluminum bars weigh 2,96 KG.

Keeping in mind what other car manufacturers do to reduce weight to get more range it is rather odd that the Twizy has added weight instead.
Not to mention the two steel bottomplates and the two fatter-than-fat swaybars…

Wow - cast iron? Maybe they tried to lower the CoG? That’s an excellent suggestion!! Additionally, @ak0001 - check out the powerbox that Kenneth (@kennethnilsen69) is offering, acceleration in 1/2 the time for 0-30mph could be interesting for you if range is not a massive concern. I am fixing to get me one too, since I get 4 bars left from going to-from work, so might as well use the extra juice for more fun!!

Absolutely agree with you about weight reduction. But my goal to make really fast car even 1 seater with 90-100 hp electric motor. But even If on current twizy I will remove lots of things it will reduce maximum 100kg. And it will add just more range, but speed would be ± the same. Not so much speed difference in twizy of weight of it. I have one solution for twizy how to make it really fast. But it will be so complicated to use. I have to charge it separately batteries, always check temp of engine, max rpm, additional gauges on dash board. I want to make as plug and play easy to use.

did you try the power box already? Contact the inventor on [email protected]
or try the (not as easy) ovms? they will give (more than) 200% the power you have now without any difficulties.

Not yet. Power box will arrive next week. But it won’t solve what I want. I understand it will become little faster. My goal is to make really fast

if you are very smart with electronics and constructing batteries you can alter your Twizy yourself. Kenneth showed us it can be done. Another path is to get all essential parts from a bigger donor car and implant them in your Twizy F1. That path is very interesting for the mechanical wonders like yourself :slight_smile: Do you have a donor patient in mind?