How to make Twizy go faster

Hi guys,

Me and my girlfriend have just got a Twizy 45 .
We both learnt that we can get a power box to make it go faster. There’s a guy in France about 1 hour away that charges 300 eur to do it. Is that the standard price or can I buy parts cheaper and do it myself . This would really help me score some needed brownie points right now guys so please help me.


300 euros - isn’t that close to the price of the power box. At least with a power box you could change the settings as required. ie. for when it goes to a service or when the weather changes.or your usage pattern changes.

Don’t do it.

TwizyX uses a relabled 99€ OVMS V2.(you can get for about 50-60€ used)

They charge you 300€ for a simple SMS to tune your Twizy with a profile they took out of the manual!!!
These were created to work with the automatic power adjust,which only works with the ovms still installed and monitoring the can bus.

You will permanently feel the limiter of the Sevcon.

For that price you can get two OVMS V3 with Wifi,Bluetooth and App or a used Powerbox.

There is a App in the Google Playstore that does it for free with a ELM 327 clone.(15€)
But Currently only for the 80.
But Maybe if you give the author a ring he would add the 45? (It´s only the reset pattern that differ)

Your 45 was build before June 2016?

Thank you so much !
It is a 2013 model. Such help really!

I went on the link to buy a power box and they said they had none in stock. Any other options ?

Maybe you try to get a used powerbox here or in the german forum?

OVMS V2 is discontinued, but I think you also get it cheap when the V3 hits the shop

OVMS V3 is currently in beta.
But the current firmware versions are suficiently stable by now.

An order for 150 peces of the EU Version is on the way and will be available on FASTTECH within a few weeks.

With the OVMS you will not have a display or buttons, but a webserver via wifi, an app/server console via LTE or USB and soon also the SMS feature will be back.(Drive reports and charging status messages)

Bluetooth for the app is in planing.

And a realtime display with buttons like the Powerbox but via CANBus is in planing/testing to.

But could need a little longer, it´s also open source :wink: