How to make Twizy more comfortable?

I know about the softer stabi rubber, but the Twizy has SO hard suspension and I would like to make i more comfortable. Anyone here mounted other shock absorbers?

Anyone here drive without the stabi bars?

Try checking and lowering the Tyre pressures. It might help

Yes that makes better. However it becomes bouncy and makes less mileage per charge.

There are always compromises, but need to set so it is safe and within the specified limits.

What I was hoping was that some one has found some alternative comfortable dampers instead of the original cheap, hard, uncomfortable bonechrunchingibreakyourass dampers.

Germans remove the stabilizators. They say it’s better…

I have heard that but was concerned about safety and how the insurance company would react in the event of a crash.

I have tried to drive without the stabilicators connected, but it drives like a 2CV, tilt a lot going around corners. In a fast manuver I really think it would be a problem.

Did drive 2500 km without stabis. No problem. Put them back because of insurance-fear.

There is someone titled SIR that has a green twizy with custom bilstein? Shocks…

Sir Stirling Moss has a modified Twizy

Hi have contacted Bilstein, they only made these dampers special for Sir Stirling Moss. They are not public available.

Maybe Bilstein would change their mind if they saw a demand. Plenty of Twizy owners have signed up for the improvement of the Power Box, I wonder how many would also like to improve their suspension. My name can certainly go on the list.

I don’t see bolstering making one pair of shocks only.
They probably moded an existing type.
Anybody can get me SIRs photos? I am sure I can find a way around it.

Look what I found…

And the German forum is making a list
Here is the response by bilstein uk
Please bear in mind that these are very special, handmade dampers, by
Bilstein UK and as such are more expensive than ‘normal’ off the shelf

As per your e-mail (providing I have understood the German correctly!):

60 Cars Sets = €554.45

100 Car Sets = €528.04

200 Car Sets = €509.49

Do you wish to create one here and have it merge the German? I think we can reach the 60 set barrier easily like that.

+1 sure

I am up for that.

did you guys buy it ??

I’m going to RTECH (Heppignies in Belgium) to realize 4 shocks more suitable, it is possible for this firm but the problem is the high price for a small quantity! If some in Belgium, France and the Netherlands want to contact this company: [email protected]