How to open the dashboard?

Today i forgot to unlock the handbrake. The twizy did drive off, but soon it started to smell like a truck on a downhill track. That moment I realised there is no warning light. So… how do I open the dashboard to check the ligtbulb?

On a side note, is there a (preferably legal) way to oblain a workplace manual for the twizy?


It is much more likely to be the handbrake switch on the top of the cable. Directly under the dash where the level you operate meets the cable. The switch bracket bends to one side and the switches fails to touch the lever. Simple fix is to feel the switch and bend it back into position.

To test bulb press this switch and dash light should come on.

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I also have the parking break light (and the windscreen defrost) broken nad also would like to Know how to disassembly the dashboard. Anyone?

Thanks mr. Osbrook, you were absolutely right.

A quick fumble at the switch, or more precisely at the connecting cables, makes the light flicker. I cannot get it to burn permanently but that will be the task for this weekend.

Could it be that the fact that my 12V battery does not charge when stopped and only charges if I drive at about 60 kmh, also be due to a faulty contact? So it only charges when the car shakes? In that case, do you know where I find this connector?

Groet! Pollus.

No idea. A loose connection could be anywhere.
Does the 12v charge when you plug in to charge the Twizy?

No… it only charges (three leds in the cigarette lighter battery control thingy) when I am driving about 60kmh. While standing still for a traffic light it immediately shows the battery fault and the thingy only shows one led. When I am charging the traction battery it also only shows one thingy led.
While charging, the whole christmas three is lit: battery sign, stop sign, serv light and the battery! signal on the display. It charges the traction battery perfectly though…

Sorry I cannot help more. Sounds like the charger has failed or as you say there is a poor connection somewhere. It is not at the 12V end else nothing would work. I don’t know enough about the way the 12V battery electrics work to charge it.

Well… I am dedicated to find out. That’s part of the fun, trying to revive an old car. And it being the first EV, I am about to learn lots of new stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

I just read the instruction manual (yep, if anything else fails…) and there it states clearly that the 12V should charge if the Twizy is plugged in. So if I wiggle some leads while charging (and paying attention not to touch the orange leads with my bare hands) I might get lucky.

In the mean time I connect a motorbike charger on the 12V battery after the traction battery is charged. I improvised a 12V connector under the charge flap but I am in doubt if It is wise to charge the two batteries simultaneously. So it is one more trip to the shed at night but now at least I am sure to start with a topped up 12V battery. So far so good…

Thanks for your help and I’ll post the results!

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