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How to put a lock on the front hood, step by step

I’d like to show you how I tranformed the front panel into a real lockable front hood : http://lifeintwizy.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-to-put-lock-on-front-hood-step-by.html

Very interesting!! But I really can’t see the point of the whole exercise. Why would you want to lock the front panel, when hardly anyone would ever open it anyway.

It’s a long story : at the begining the front panel is not easy at all to open and cannot be used as a cover for a toolbox. I modified it, but as it became strongly easier to open, it was too much easy for anybody to steal the contain, so I had to put a lock on it and the best and cheapest way was to use the one that is on the glove box.
But you’re right, it’s more a symbolic lock than an effective one. It will just stop people (mainly children) that think “Oh it’s openable, so I can open it”

I think you just enjoy fiddling with the Twizy!! I must say your step by step instructional videos are very good. I particularly like the one for lubricating the doors. Thanks. I think I will have a go myself.

Thanks ! Sometimes I look the Twizy as a Lego construction and want to modify it…