How To:

I thought I would start a new topic on how to’s. The reason for this is they seem to be scattered over different topics, some obscure and seemingly unrelated.


How to: Remove the traction battery
You know the BIG one under your seat, here is a video how to from FWG

How to: Fix a sticking handbrake

How to: Remove and check the ancillary 12v battery, many thanks to @Subevo

Brilliant idea.
The one on the removal of the traction battery is very enlightening. Can’t wait to see what happens when they install their own battery and see how far they can go on one charge. Doubtful if it will be 900 miles or anywhere near.

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Have you got any How to videos on changing lightbulbs? Thanks in advance.

How To: Change the rear indicator bulbs

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How to: Change the bulbs in the rear light cluster

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How To: Change Headlight Bulbs

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How To: Change the Gearbox Oil

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I would prefer it if we didn’t have one giant topic for how tos.

That’s what tags are for. If you tag a topic with #how-to then they are very easy to find. I’ll close this for now so that you post these videos as separate topics with their own self contained commentary and discussion.

You can further filter those how-to topics by category by using the category selector at the top. So choose the #twizy category and then choose the #how-to from the tags list.