How would you rate you twizys stopping power

I’m sure my brake pedal has got spongier .i have to press very hard to get modest stopping power.i would rate my power at 5 out of 10.i can’t lock the wheels at full pressure.i saw a video on YouTube where a guy does a 4 wheel skid to a halt on a dry road but I can’t do that on mine.
how does this compare to yours.

I’ve only once really stamped on the brake pedal from approx. 20mph and the wheels locked up on a Dry road


The brakes are unlike most modern cars in that they are not servo assisted and so do not magnify the power of your foot onto the brakes.

This can feel odd for those used to bigger cars, but is entirely correct for a very light vehicle like the Twizy and saves unnecessary parts, costs and maintenance/replacement-just the same as having no power steering.

Therefore, to apply enough pressure to lock the wheels, you need to STAND on the brakes. With the narrow eco tyres, it is possible to lock all four wheels in the dry doing this, but you need about five times the pedal pressure compared to a servo-assisted car.

Hope this helps…

PS With no ABS fitted, the Twizy is a great vehicle to learn cadence braking in, too; find a damp car park and try it.

Just simple simple things above what Mender has said. Have you checked the brake fluid? Even if it is full then it might have absorbed water over the winter if the cap doesn’t fit well. Do you use you car much? the brake s may need to be serviced if the calipers are sticking.

“5 out of 10”, is that compared to what you had before? How many miles have you done? From what others say, the Twizy’s brake discs and pads don’t last very long. Have you had your brakes checked?
Mine is still working fine. In fact I was quite impressed with it just a couple of days ago when I had to do an emergency brake because I wasn’t paying attention.

Brakes on my Twizy are great,& it locks up quite easily , especially if the road surface is a bit slippy.
i would suggest you have a problem, maybe one or more of your calipers is stuck or seized, mine have done this a few times, and after fixing, the pedal always gets firmer & more effective.

I’m comparing with a normal car . sometimes I feel I’m not going to stop even when pressing just slows at same calipers sticking either I would go as far to say only just adequate for road safety.i am experienced with car braking systems and can only think the pads have glazed over.
Have a look at this? This is what mine should do.

Pads glazing would either be from very, very hard usage or all corners dragging on the discs, which you would hear…
Perhaps the original pads are not amazing and a new set if available would help?

Compared to a car, mine always felt glazed but that’s just how it was, the brakes were adequate but needed hard pressure.

Hope this helps!