Electric battery Earn £175 per month from your EV!
BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

HUD THE coolest upgrade for a twizy

Peeps have a look at the below link. SOLD!



Just more stuff you have to remove when stepping lug because there is no security to leave it in place. Also the distance from the top of the binnacle to the windscreen is so low, the display will be at the bottom of the glass - more a ‘heads down’ experience. Save your money.

You have a valid point, I thank you for your tech input, and I will save my money. But as for why, it’s a futuristic glimpse, like the twizy, is all. Does anyone else have any hi tech solutions, heated jackets. Etc. praise and scorn welcome in equal measure! Cheers… Twix!

I have one of these, picked it up in New York, was half the price than here. It’s excellent, also very useful for watching my sons rugby, seeing as we live 1000 FT above sea level.

a man can not have enough gadgets in his Twizy.

Agreed! I’m sold on the Milwaukee as opposed to blazewear which I’ve had before, but i think it was my fault it went wrong, I didn’t appreciate the battery’s, let them go flat flat for weeks etc. thanks for that. Ok so new topic, feelings on heated electric blankets for for devils in the back? It’s true, they exist! My reason for being heat obsessed, I lived in Switzerland for a couple of years with a Vespa, loved the thing, but hated 2am trips home at minus 8. I would tie jumpers around my waist then put on a windproof jacket just to stop the aching from my back. Can’t wait to get my twizy, one month and counting.

An interesting thing about the milwalkie is the battery “socket” is unplugable, and your left with a nice plug. I haven’t done it, but I’m sure you could run a feed to it to power the jacket from the 12v socket. I also have heated gloves, want my comforts in my old age!