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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Hummer ev ohhh yeaahh!


I came across this today. My mate at work saw one in the streets of London and pointed it out.


It’s £11,000 I think but only does 40mph and 30 miles at that price. If you upgrade the battery at a cost of £8,000 it will match the Twizy’s range. So not exactly a Twizy alternative, but definitely a fun toy for anyone with the money!!

God, it makes the Twizy look really practical with its range and roof!!

That’s just one model. They do come with doors and a roof too

Could be fun in London then :slight_smile:

I saw this in London. It’s cute in reality like a kids toy lol. Funny I’ve seen one of these but no twizys in the wild

Mine lives in the wilds and is always an inch thick in local mud! Forest tracks, green lanes, mud covered country lanes-it sees it all.

Being near silent in the Twizy, I managed to sneak right up on a large deer in the middle of the forest in the dead of night on Sunday-to my four year old’s total amazement.
We were 10 feet apart and we stared at each other for 30 seconds. Amazing!

Think its time Renault made an SUV version, could still be 2 wheel drive but knobblys and a lift kit would do–haha, I hear snow is a comin, thank god my other car is a Defender!

All our vehicles (except the Twizy) have just had their winter wheels and tyres put back on-it is amazing what a front drive Transit can do with them on.

Re: SUV option, I agree-I think it could lend itself to different, maybe commercial use, perhaps with chunkier tyres, LSD, softer suspension/longer travel, a lower speed limiter setting to cope with that lot, windows and some way of carrying/pulling a small load-not a full blown ATV but a useful little truck.
Perhaps the same underpinnings with a one seat pick-up body?

The light weight and narrow track is handy as it is and the silence, zero tailpipe emissions and low running costs could appeal to councils, park management and so on, with a few mods to suit the application.

I was half joking but actually I can see a lot of uses…Renault listen up !

eg if you look at the HUGE prices that councils pay for their small commercial trucks for litter picking/collection in cities, a simple pick up body/cage mod to the Twizy would do the same job for much less money-and they could save money on running costs.

I think the Hummer is what they class as a Low Speed Vehicle in the U.S. It will be quite heavy, so with SLA batteries will be quite short range, but that doesn’t matter for most uses. Here’s a lighter weight buggy we used to trial tourist transport in the Brecon Beacons last year. It, too, had lead batteries which accounted for 120kg of its 420kg weight. Strange to relate, the b-bug has almost exactly the same wheel base and track as a Twizy, and has much better luggage carrying capacity. But it only does about 35mph and at that speed would have trouble going 30 miles:

The Twizy is better! I looked at Q-pods while researching the Twizy, just for fun.

Found this in good ole America (love the paranoid context!):


A few more:


Quite like this with its panoramic roof, simple windows, stereo, boot and 4 seats even if it does look daft and does 35mph/30 mile range.
At least America is starting to think about alternatives. From a distance looks a bit like a Twizy at the front.

It sounds like they can only be used in speed limit zones up to 35mph, not on the highway and there has been a lot of negative press from the insurance industry, who slate the lack of safety features and recommend “cycling or buying a Prius” instead. It is an interesting point as over here the Twizy skates around the EU standards by being a quadricycle and not a car, but unlike the GEM it does have an airbag, crumple zone and safety cage, but nothing like the safety of a modern car. It does show how much more developed the Twizy is than the GEM though.

I would not like a side impact in mine-it seems to be slightly safer than a scooter, but nowhere near as safe as a modern car.
The US tested the GEM and a few “non car” road legal vehicles as follows (31mph side/front):


Twizy crash test at 30mph (not a proper NCAP test):


Perhaps the US should develop this idea further and create light EV lanes, like cycle lanes?

Overall, the GEM has many features I would like, but the Twizy is a better package of range, speed, safety and design. I guess, if EVs start to become acceptable in a non-standard car form, in time we will get all the best features combined, to make a specific type of light EVs as opposed to electric cars that look like petrol cars.