I am a new Twizy Owner as of today!

If I actually manage to buy a Twizy over the next few weeks I will certainly be contacting Kenneth. What a clever fellow!


Welcome Martin hope you can find one soon. Great fun in the Summer or sliding around in the snow.

Thanks! I am being offered a 2012 plate with 2300 miles, 2 owners (first Renault) but not Dynamic spec which I think means it has no alloys? Has doors, black with orange. £2750… Seems good to me and within my budget. Wonder what the alloys would cost to add?

UPDATE - Bought it!

Just bought myself a used Twizy. Didn’t take too long did it?!

Anything I should check/ask the dealer (it’s a Renault authorised dealer in Bedfordshire) before I take delivery? They are servicing it, new MOT (first registered 2012) and delivering it to me in Staines.

Slightly concerned about the batteries as they are 4 years old nearly. Car has only done 2300 miles from new. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the alloy wheels and they have quoted me £525 for a new set. Has anyone got any to sell or other ideas where I can get them less please?

Thank you.

Wow!! You didn’t hang about.
Well done. I think you have done well with the price. Now you can start enjoying the Twizy. And hopefully better weather is coming.
Your Twizy is coming to the end of the 4 years warranty period, so make sure you discover any faults asap. If possible get the dealer to give you an extending extra year warranty.
Good luck and ENJOY :grinning:

Congrats, even if you did pip me to it!

Put in a call this morning and it’d gone within a day of listing! Now to find my own…

I feel bad now! He did tell me they just took another call but put that down to sales speak. I lost a gem on Thursday that was higher spec, had 500 miles and a year newer so didn’t hang around with this one. Hope you find one soon.

Oh please don’t feel bad! There’s a really low mileage one I’ve seen pop up this week, but it’s got no doors, and I think that’s a compromise too far!

Do you mean the one in west London? It has done less than 600miles? He has had that for ages. He wont budge on the price and doesn’t ring back. The biggest bargain it the one on Pistonheads at £3495, dynamique spec, 1100 miles and VAT inclusive, ideal for me as I’m vat registered. Alas, that’s the one I missed. They have sold it but don’t bother deleting the advert.

Also saw one at Warfield for £3995, but I think over priced. In Any event he sold it yesterday so maybe not!

No, it was at Hartwell in Oxford. 130 miles on a 64 plate for £2999. Stupid money, but it’s just the doors that rule it out.

I’d been and driven the one in Leicester over Christmas on a whim, which is what confirmed I do actually want one and it’s not just a silly obsession. That one’s since been reduced £200, but again, no doors.

If it’s a 64 plate with such low miles then adding the doors would only make it £3500. That’s still very cheap.

Unfortunately, the doors cannot be retrofitted.
I think the doors are essential, in the UK anyway, from a practical, resale and depreciation point of view.
Good luck in your search for a Twizy @chrsmi

Alloys are about £350 there used to be a lot of new ones on eBay. They were coloured ones so you could get orange ones.

@askho is deadcright. Doors cannot be added after build. If you need doors then get one with doors. I woulno have one without doors, far too useful.

The only option that then MUST be fitted is the front mud flaps.

Apologies, being a total rookie (and haven’t even had my Twizy delivered yet) I wasn’t aware they couldn’t be retrofitted.

Mine is a Twizy colour (black body with orange stripes in the doors and orange seat and on the top of the glove boxes). It hasn’t the alloys unfortunately but I have asked the Renault dealer in Bedford to quote to supply. Has anyone got a set to sell or are there any good aftermarket ones to consider?

I keep looking but non listed at present.

He shoots! He scores!!!

Way to go. That was quite fast. So you got an orange black one? Like mine:) but I am pimping mine up to a ad look. Have a glance at my thread.

Enjoy your t and get Kenneth’s power box goes one real fun.

And don’t forget to post pics

Hi Martin I think I must be your closest Twizy owner - am in Virginia Water. We’ll have to get together sometime!

Ahhh!!! I wonder if you are the Twizy I see bombing around from time to time? Nice to me you (of sorts)! I’m in Welly Ave. Look forward to getting together for the largest Twizy owner get together in Virginia Water - ever! I jest… :slight_smile:

I was thinking about this last night. The Twizy Owners Club must be the only car club that doesn’t have a “National Twizy Owners Day”. Which is sad of course. Or may be I am wrong?

Anyway, love to meet when I actually get mine as it won’t stay standard for long, I just love customizing although hats off to Alexakos and indeed Kenneth on here. Quite amazing Twizzers!

When I’ve figured out how to get images up here I will post but looking very boring at the moment, but not for long!!!

Yours looks amazing and you have already given ideas for the front band and the side plastics over the cell.

Mien is the same basic as yours, black with orange but got standard hub caps - they have to go!! So will replace with Twizy orange alloys.