I am now a Twizy owner!

Finally got a deal on the Renault Gold one that I saw in Southampton, its been into Renault for a service and just waiting for the delivery company to ring me when they can bring it up.

Will post some pics once it arrives :smiley:

Great stuff. Shame the weather has just changed. :confused:

Do you mind sharing, what’s the deal?

not too worried about the weather as its only getting me to the station so not too far, it was more than I wanted to pay, but included delivery which would have been about £250 and it has just been into Renault for a service so knew all was ok with the car.

Congratulations. Deal done, forget the cost and enjoy the car. Drove mine today in the wind and rain, no problems but after a haircut I did appreciate my hat with ear flaps!!

Congratulations, Paul!
I wish you a nice trip with your new car. Emotional content will be included! :slight_smile: