I found a new button!

Well a twisty thing on the stalk where the headlights are, turns out it makes a beep beep noise, which I assume is for use in car parks etc to let people know you are there!

Funny I never noticed that before or in the manual.

Does anyone actually use it?

Simple answer No

And your right it’s not in the manual.

Its a pedestrian warning, for road crossing etc. I have heard tales of this becoming standard on all electric cars, and that it will “beep” allways under 30kmh

It’s an excellent feature when moving among pedestrians. The normal horn sounds a bit peremptory in those circumstances. In the rural context, Twizys do not pass a sheep’s threat criteria (and they are not inclined to yield the road to what they probably see as a weird cow) so we have found that the beeper is enough to get their attention and have them amble out of the way. For this reason, we call this useful feature the “sheep horn”. (You probably shouldn’t call it that in cities, though). :grinning:

Sorry Osbrook, simple answer Yes!
I often park in Tiverton Pannier Market and find the “sheep horn” a discreet and polite way of alerting unaware pedestrians. I usually get a smile.

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So it’s different to the main horn which is very loud and annoying? Have I missed it too?!

I have found it useful when pedestrians see the Twizy and make a noise at it, such as “meep meep!”, allowing it to politely reply. Got a smile and laugh both times.

Yes Rowan have you seen it now? In the inner part of the left hand stalk, twist the stalk forwards and there is a little icon which looks a bit like a volume one

Just found it today, thanks guys… Can’t believe I didn’t see this feature before!

I wonder if it can be modded? I’d like my to sound like mario bros when you go in the pipe you know that song.

That would be very cool

I used mine as it is intended to be for the first time on Saturday, actually let a friend drive it around the block where I live and I was surprised just how quiet it was from the outside, I couldn’t hear the ‘whizz’ noise that I get when driving it, so think this feature is actually going to be more useful than I first thought.

I tried it today, entering parking lots where there are many pedestrians and low velocities where the car is a lot more quiet. It works pretty good. :slight_smile: