I found out why the Twizy is group 10 insurance

My son, 19, is due to pass his test, so I looked at insuring him for my Twizy, but it was ridiculous. I then looked at the smart car, much cheaper. Smart car, group 2, Twizy group 10. The decision on which insurance group a car is put in is decided by the thatcham group. I actually spoke to the chap who made the decision. A really nice chap actually. Anyway the reason is due to Renault not sending in the side impact crash results. So thatcham has to “guess” hence the group 10.
The question is why didn’t Renault send in the details? The synic in me thinks the results might have been questionable. But that’s why the Twizy is so high to insure.

Given that the Smarc Car is in the automobile category the tests on all crash situations are mandatory. The Twizy is in a quadracycle category and the safety tests are not as demanding. I am just guessing here, but I think Renault put the Twizy through a quadracycle set of tests, and in comparison to other quadracycles it has tested to be one of the safest ones, however, the insurance industry has been treating this vehicle more like an Automobile. You would think that the variance between 10 and 11 groups which the Twizy fits into both is differentiated by the doors. For some reason the difference is done by trim Urban is group 10, Technic is 11. Maybe they flipped a coin between the two trims. Either way, the scale from 1-50 should be in relation to a long list of criteria, but I think the Twizy is unfairly compared to cars, and doesn’t seem to be much analysis or logic on why it is placed in group 10 or 11. I guess we could all gather up and protest to thatcham group to evaluate it to a quadracycle grouping :wink:

Doubtful if Thatcham or anybody else have to guess any crash test results. It’s all out there with NCAP. On side impact the Twizy didn’t do well, understandably, scoring 6 out ot 16.
I don’t think it’s Thatcham that decides on the grouping either. I think it’s done by the Group Rating Panel which consisits of a panel of insurers. Lots of criteria are taken into account to decide on the grouping, eg. ease of repair, price of parts, security, driver and passenger injury liability etc etc. Obviously the Twizy didn’t do too well. :disappointed_relieved:

well that’s what the chap told me. Renault didn’t send them in so we had to estimate - guess - what they would have been.

He did say the battery was a consideration, because if damaged it was so much to replace. But he was quite clear. They didn’t have the official results for side impact from Renault, which was a factor in their decision to rate it high

I suppose when the group was rated, NCAP hadn’t don’t their tests, as the car wasn’t released.