I have a sypball anti-lift alarm fitted on my Twizy can anyone advise me how to remove it?

This thing is so frustrating it just keeps setting of intermittently, I just need so help to fix it or rip the thing out.

Thanks in advance

Have you the model of unit you have fitted? Is this a bike unit?

Hi Jon thanks for the reply, its called a SPY Ball 6527


OK, I know the model, to be honest, the motion sensors aren’t best suited to 4 wheel vehicles for the reason you are having. This model has the micro level switch in the unit, so not as easy as just to disconnect it, you can omit this señor when arming, but that means doing it every time. Have you put the sensor to the lowest level? You can do this putting into the low sensivity mode and then you have 4 lower settings.
Its in your instructions, but basically, arm the device, then switch ignition on, wait around 15 seconds , led goes out, push button 2 for low mode, then watch for the light for it to flash low, then turn ignition off.
If you need more info, let me know.

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thank so much Jon I will try this :slight_smile: