I have tested a few portable speakers to have in the Twizy

I did not pay extra to have the speakers included when i bougth the car, so i have been looking for a portable speaker to just bring with me. First i had the Bose soundlink mini, its great and fit inside the lockable glove box, but it does not play loud enough, so if you are going like 25mph or more its useless, also its not waterproof.

Next i got myself a JBL extreme, these play super loud and with decent bass. They are also waterproof, and thats a big bonus. They also fit perfectly on each side of the seat, as you can see on the picture.

It also have some solid metal hooks witch i applied a combination lock. So with a small chain i have in my glove box i can lock the speaker in the car.

You can get 2 of them, and get a JBL app on the phone, and play stereo, i borrowed 2, and had 1 on each seat like you see in the picture, i was impressed with the sound quality. Here in norway 2x of those JBL extreme is about the same price as the speakers i could get with the Twizy. These speakers have a massive battery, and can charge 2x usb devices while playing.

Try small blue tooth speakers in the roof pod. Undo the two Torque screws (sit) in back seat and look up. Then pull down. as the speakers are nearer the ears you can use small speakers and they are still loud. Then at a surface driver to make the roof act as a bass speaker.

I’ve also got the JBL in mine. Super sound and the battery lasts incredibly long. I guess I charge once per week on average. I e attached mine on the back of the seat.


Superb reccommendation! he JBL Extreme is just the thing in the cabin. Loud enough to play Wagner at full volume and drown out the “tin-pot-2-a-penny-crap-rap-thud-thud” that eminates from other vehicles. :slight_smile: