I need a battery Pack for my 2012 Renault Twizzy

Hello, I bought a 2012 Renault Twizy without a battery pack. In 2013 Renault took the battery pack out and until now the car was not driving.

is there somewere a battery pack for sale.

Renault does not want to rent a battery pack they only want to sell me one for arround € 6.000,-

look forward hearing for a good solution

Lex from The Netherlands

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you could try these guys, no idea if they are actually selling/building batteries but I would be interested to find out.


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hello Chris,

thanks for your reply, they are not easy to get in contact with but I already contacted them but they cannot supply at this moment.

gr lex

Ah, shame. I thought you might not have seen them yet …
I have seen a couple of other people on this forum and perhaps another that have been working on ‘home made’ batteries but I don’t remember who they were.
Best of luck.

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If you bought the Twizy for a good price €6000 is not too bad as you will have no battery lease feeds. What is the warranty on the new battery? Zero Twiz seemed hopeful but nothing available at present…

Hi Lex,
I can hardly believe my eyes, after giving us hell because they only wanted to rent the darn batteries and not sell, now they only want to sell and not rent ? Gee they really are a difficult contract partners :frowning:
I happen to have a rental battery I no longer want to rent, my contract expires 6th July, and I’m expecting a very hard time from Renault either buying out the “ex-rental” pack, or returning the pack to them (officially here in France they refuse to sell ex-rental batteries after contract ends).
If I can’t get myself out of the rental contract, I sure can pass on the rental contract to you if you are interested :slight_smile:

They have special prices for coding battery to the car…

hello Pascal,

thank you for your reaction.

Do you think we can take out your battery and put it in my car?

what are going to do with your car whithout a battery?

how old is the battery

until when is your contract july 2020 or 2021

I look forward hearing from you.

with kind regards


Hi Lex,
Technically yes it is not a big job to extract the battery from a Twizy and re-install. It does weigh quite a bit (around 100kg), so sending it over would have to go through a freight carrier. The difficulty will be to get Renault RCI to agree to transfer the contract, it might be tricky as this would involve two distinct countries (I’m in France). When the battery crosses the border with the car to a new owner, then it does work, because that is exactly what I’ve been through (I bought the Twizy in the UK and imported it to France), and RCi has a procedure for that (simple in theory, but was a bit of apin in reality due to their notorious incompetence, they kept pestering the original owner for the rental fees even after I had taken over the contract and was paying the fees!).
I want to make my own battery, I’m very interested in the technical challenge, and I find the monthly charge too high. The battery is the same age as the car, from 2012. It has 96% of its original capacity (“State of Health” parameter). My contract if ending on 6th July 2020.
I’ll contact RCI here to ask them what they are willing to do (sell the battery as second hand ex-rental, transfer the battery and rental contract to a different Twizy owner). If they are not interested in any of these reasonable solutions, I’ll be delivering the battery to the nearest Renault dealership and will not renew my contract with them.
Will keep you posted!

Chris at zero EV in Bristol has one with 4500 miles for sale.

Only roomers…the battery in reality is plug and play…just did the real test…as I have two Twizys with batteries of their own I changed some components from one to another…the battery results plug and play … Instrument panel also, charger… UCH has to be cliped to the vehicle so is not plug and play…same thing for the immobiliser…

SO here is a thought.
If the battery is just plug and play, what is to stop you taking an original pack, opening it up and replacing the internal standard cells from 8 years ago with new high capacity cells. Everything else stays the same.
Charge time will obviously increase, but voltage would be the same, cell count would be the same but the range would be massively increase.

After talking to Kenneth I confirm that if you have the original battery you can change the cells but only with same voltage and ampere…so you won’t get extra power (range)…it will help you if you have propriety batteries with damaged cells(like me…75% SOH) I think the BMS goes nuts if doesn’t recognize the single cell characteristics… cheers Jeff

Which and how many cells does the Twizy battery use?