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I need a UK 13 to Type 2 Adapter..but

Hello I need an adapter so I can use type 2 charging posts, has anyone used one on a chargemaster post? As the 13 amp is sometimes in use.

How many companies make them now? And who has tested them?

Does the twizy plug fit inside the adapter housing ok?

I know there is a diagram on here, but I’m not 100%. If someone wants to start knocking them up I’m in!

thank you

I am interested in an adaptor as well :slight_smile:
I looked into making one and the plug on its own is approx. £80 to buy…


Only the Mennekes plug is £80. You also need to add in the cable, durable 13a socket with protective cover. The network of resistors to fool the post into charging is about £1.50. There doesn’t appear to be much interest, as I offered to seek a bulk deal of all-weather ready made leads for Twizy owners, but had a less than 2 enquiries. It wasn’t worth pursuing.

Interesting you say the 13a on Chargemaster posts is in use - I’ve always found it to me the T2 blocked!

Forget single currency, give us a single plug!