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I Need Help

[size=3]**Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and would love to have your help.

I am a European resident but not UK resident.
In about a month I and several partners are setting up a new business in the UK.
We are interested in purchasing something like 12 vehicles twizy.

I saw on their site a lot of options for financing.
What we are looking for is basically a car and we assume cost 7500 pounds with partial funding.
I mean pay half in cash for all vehicles and the other half funded.

Is there any chance we get this type of financing for a new company?
If not do you know a bank or other company would agree to finance this type?**[/size]
[size=3]Thanks to all helpers[/size]

It will be part of your business plan and your business financiers will need to lend as it is most unlikely Renault will.
Speak to your current bank and ask them to advise where to go next.

What is the Business? If you do not mind me asking. I have had a bit of a business idea, but so far its just an idea. I am trying to see if its a goer or not, but trying to do that at the same time as my other job. Then again you don’t really want to know that.