I really like this one

So I have been on here for a while looking at the Twizy for when we move in order to get to the station. Keep looking on Autotrader and this one has popped up which I like, I was after the windows and sunroof and this seems in good nic, with the Parrot built in as well so I can use that.

Will give them a call and see if I can view it at the weekend and what they are likely to take, as its quite a lot for a 2yr old car compared to others.

F1 Renault Twizy

Looks great and looks unusual - on top of the usual unusual looks! But it does seem expensive.
They probably won’t shift it easily at this time of year so I think you could make a very “cheeky” offer.
Good luck.

Wow what a great colour. I bet it really shines when out in the sun, too bad we won’t see that until next spring! If you can get it under £5,000 that would be a good deal.

Out of interest, is the Twizy clear roof made of glass or plastic? I’m thinking weight.

It says glass roof on the docs, I thought that it would be plastic for weight as well

You’ll probably find its polycarbonate. My smart car roof is. My twizy roof is just the grey plastic.

Thanks for this - going to have a look either today or tomorrow, its best part of a 6hr round trip so want to make sure they can offer a deal for the effort of going down there.

They are not a Renault dealer so not that aware of the car and think £6k is great value for it with low mileage but have put them straight on that one

The clear vision roof is polycarbonate.

Thanks Yes it was :+1: