ICEd charging parking space flyers

I might get some of these 105mm square flyers printed so I can pop them on ICE cars - what do you think?

Excellent idea!

IS the wording OK?

I would have been tempted to add some expletives, but otherwise sounds good :laughing:

I like it, but I would consider removing the personal tone like ‘ours’.
‘Serves as an EV ‘petrol station’
“Often the electric charge received at this charge point is require…”
Changes the thanks to “thank you”

Are charge points the same as disabled spots as in you can receive a legally enforceable penalty notice from a parking attendant / traffic wardens issued by the council?

Depends on the council I think. Each one will enforce different rules.

I have adjust the wording and thesis more like a standard parking penalty notice

there are here and they work a treat!