Electric battery Earn £175 per month from your EV!
BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

If it sounds too good to be true

then it probably isnt

13,000 cycles from a Lifepo

but only discharging 90->80%

Even so its got to be better than Tw’s 500 cycles


I just bought a used 8mph mob scoot(was ca £1000 5 years ago) for £50 (needs new batteries £100). Is this going to be the fate of elderly Twizys?
It’ll be good for trolling around Piccadilly - after all 8mph is the average traffic speed in central London anyway
Dont tell Boris what Im doing - they will all want one
Think of Trafalgar sq jammed with scoots

Cycling and mob scoots - the last frontier of freedom


13,000 Cycles but SOC is 90% so not really a real life test. Great if you are taking a large current for a very short time. Unlike a EV where the SOC goes down to a displayed 0% (not really a SOC of 0% to protect battery). If you only discharge the Twizy battery by 10% it will last for a larger number of recycles. But there again so will Lead Acid batteries. Obviously not to the same level as LifePo. It is the high discharge to a State Of Charge (SOC) of around 10% that needs to be tested for as that is how EV’s use the batteries.

Have fun on your new Scooter, rather you than me in London on one though.