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If not a Twizy what would you have bought? What was the trade in?

When looking for a second (third if you count the workshop van) vehicle for the family, we looked at and eventually bought a Twizy as the Gordon Murray T27 electric car (£13k minus 5k government grant as it is a car not quadricycle) is not due for launch for 3 or 4 years yet.

Our options were narrowed down to:
1/ A Perodua Myvi 1.3SXi Secondhand at £2500 for 2007/07 private sale, plus the petrol/maintenance/tax costs over the same period


These are truly excellent cheap cars sold in different markets as a Toyota Passo, Daihatsu Sirion, Daihatsu Boon and are a bigger Yaris, using the 1298 Yaris vvti 16v chain driven engine, they are sold at UK dealers, we have had 4 of them and still have one in the family. Our first cost £6300 new and did a faultless 68,000 miles in 3.5 years and we sold it outright for £3000 back to the Perodua dealer-the cheapest motoring possible-and they are well equipped, comfy and spacious.

Although far more practical and useful, the Myvi was eventually ruled out simply due to having to park it on the road and move it around when we have to use the other vehicles-these cars are so good, no other car was in contention. The Twizy fits on our front path.

2/ A Winther Kangaroo 3/5 seater family bike with electric conversion £3600, plus lighting, cover, lock, insurance (newly launched electric model, non elec is £2500)

These are hugely popular in Holland and Denmark as they give waterproof safe-ish travelling for a young family (well the kids anyway!). The front pod is highly adaptable and can seat kids up to 1.5m/ 12 years old, or can seat 4 young children. These are one of the only UK legal electric family trikes as they run at 250w and weigh less than 60kg to comply with UK regs. This has very low running costs, 15mph on elec without pedalling and more storage than the Twizy-but the pilot gets even wetter!

Ruled out as they are just too expensive for what they are (could have bought secondhand and converted one for £2500ish) and could not be insured on my trade policy, plus would need a gate building to park it behind and a floor anchor put in to stop nearly £4k of kit being nicked.

3/ Triobike at £3200 plus electric conversion at £1200, plus lights, cover, lock, insurance etc


The only crash tested bike is expensive but very well regarded. Ruled out as above.

We chose the Twizy but would have liked 3 seats.

We sold:
An Aprilia Atlantic 500cc Maxi-Scooter identical to this to create funds:

What did you sell and what were your options?

I like the electric bike ideas, not seen those before.

I was going to trade in my Dawoo Matiz 18000 miles FSH etc etc £500. so it is now in storage for my son. I still have my Motor bike, may use in the snow instead of the Twizy. At some sad point it will have to go!

What’s the bike? Why let it go?

See the bike thread. Yam TTR250. Great fun in the Peaks. I cannotlet it got - yet.

Nice! Updated thread with my bike history :cool: