I'm back

Thought I’d just say hello, I’m back…

Sold my Twizy a couple of years ago as I never used it but came to regret that decision very quickly (TW12 FUN, if anyone knows the car) and even more so now my daily commute is less than 4 miles.

Driving home last Friday my exhaust filter warning message popped up on the dash of my van telling me to drive for longer while it did a clean of the filter. I did that but know if I keep only doing these short trips in a diesel it will kill engine. So I’m keeping the van for longer trips and went and bought myself a Smart fortwo EQ. It’s my 4th Smart I’ve owned and think they’re great little cars for what I want it for. Gets delivered on Friday, can’t wait…


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Welcome back to the EV fold , EQ is a decent dry ride :grinning:

Has the smart arrived? We expect a first impressions review!

It arrived this afternoon, first impressions :smiley: . It’s a 69 plate but only covered 270 miles, been sitting around at Smart in MK apparently. Only driven it a few miles this afternoon but seems nippy up to 40 mph and will easily get to motorway speeds without any problem. We also have a Zoe, and it’s not that noticeably different on performance from what I can tell from the short trip out this afternoon (for essential shopping of course). The turning circle is amazing, turns on a sixpence, (that’s a small coin for the younger members). Not going to start going on about range (haven’t driven it enough to begin with anyway) but I don’t really care. I’ve bought a small car with a small battery for specific purpose and it will be more than adequate, the range will more than cover my daily commute and running around between charges.

It’s my 4th Smart and they always put a big smile on my face so looking forward to starting the mods… Looks like it’s been cleaned using a dirty rag by the main dealer and already had to remove chocolate stains off the seat. Task for tomorrow is to give it a good clean, I’ll post a picture once it’s tidy…

So in summary, love it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The ICE smart i drove at the end of last year was begging for a better gearbox and some more torque, so I bet the EQ is amazing. I’m definitely test driving one when things “get back to normal”.

Did the day of detailing go well? Really satisfying on a new car!

The original auto gearbox could be very scary at times, you would decide to pull out of a junction, but the car had other ideas while it sorted itself out. The EV is so much better, been driving it for a few days now and I think it’s just great. Still can’t believe the turning circle though, I can’t remember my others having one so tight, it’s turn just as tight as my fork lift at work.
Weather was to cold at the weekend to detail the car so it’ll have to wait for next weekend, don’t I’ve anything else planned…

We had a turbo automatic and it flew after 30mph, any lower and it was a bit sluggish. As if it could not tell what gear it should be in. I agree about pulling off quickly, trying to pull out on an roundabout and it would just decide to stop accelerating for around 2 seconds and then pick up.

I only use the automatic gears when on fast roads on my petrol for two , otherwise I move the stick like a manual and the drive is much more rewarding at lower speeds especially if you get the little turbo spooled up :heart_eyes: