Im/export a twizy

Hi there,

Have anyone of you ever imported er exported a Twizy?
How about battery rental?
Looking for a cheap Twizy, but in the Netherlands they are to expensive! Would buy one in Germany or Belgium, but want to know how everything is going.

Hope someone can help, thanks!

They are cheaper in the Netherlands long term. The Twizy comes with the battery. In all other countries you have to rent it.

RCI don’t like you moving the car fro one country to another.

Also in the Netherlands you have to rent the battery (7500 Km/Year: 51 euro/month)
I know you have to rent it, but how does Renault (RCI) handle this kind of changes?? as you write they don’t like it, but will they manage it?
(when I see a twizy for sale in the Netherlands (second hand) they ask prizes for about 5000 euro’s, but then you have a car from 2012 with 10.000 - 20.000 Km!) I think thats to expencive, I should think that for a 2012 twizy with lets say 15.000 Km. It morely has to go to a 3500,- euro)

(BTW, I’m looking to buy one from 2012 Km 10.000 - 20.000 no problem, but at a good price! (3000 - 3500 Euro) It must have doors (and windows should be nice)

Hello Marcel,

Bel RCI bank, afdeling Services
E: [email protected]

Boeingavenue 275

Bought a 2012 with 11K km for 4000 Euro in the Netherlands. Was advertized for 5000, but buying as is without warranty easily reduced the price. Remember that what you see advertized is only the asking price…



Just got my Twizy Cargo delivered today :grinning:
Imported it from the Netherlands into Belgium.
Couldn’t find a second hand Cargo in Belgium.
Built 12/2015 with only 85km from Renault Garage.
Downside it has a mennekes plug.
Renault garage contacted RCI and RCI contacted me for new contract battery lease.
No problems.