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Important info to OVMS,Elia and Powerbox users

It appears that Renault have made a new firmware to the Sevcon controller (ECU) that prevents that we can tune the car. All vehicles manufactured after July 2016 may have this firmware installed. There is also a danger that they may find to install this on your car once you have it in for service. You must tell them that you will not have this firmware. This is not something they can force you to have since the controller is yours and not something you rent. It’s just what’s inside the battery box you rent.

But I see the dilemma here. How can we say this to them so they do not update your controls. well one must simply try to find something smart to say.

For an example:

  1. I’m happy with my firmware and would not have you to update the controller.
  2. or simply tell them that I want to have the ability to use various tuning equipment on this vehicle when it no longer has a guarantee. I’ve heard that the new firmware takes away this opportunity and this will make my car less value if I once wild sell it later.

3.or even better. Do not take the service at Renault. use any other Service Centers if you must. Use only Renault service if you have problems with battery :slight_smile:

These were just a couple of things fell out of my head so I am sure some of you have a better argument about what one should say to them that they should not update your controller.

I’m not 100% sure yet whether they at all can use this firmware on cars produced before July 2016 so we have to just wait until it pops up a Twizy owner who has been unlucky and got this update.

Best Regards
Kenneth Nilsen

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Nice warning. Do we know what else the Firmware introduces? Could these things be added by you anyway?

I know very little about it at the moment. I have a client from Italy who have this firmware on its Twizy and I, today, sending him some equipment so I can log out some more info from it. More Info comes after New Year :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenneth.

Wow that is a surprise that they are even doing this!

I wonder if the firmware is trying to do a genuine enhancement or they are aware of the powerbox / other devices and are trying to stop the use of them

Do you think you will find a workaround @kennethnilsen69 ?

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My Twizy, delivered 15 days ago, works fine with the PowerBox, Norway.

Yes @Petter but is probably produced before July. Cars in Norway is long in stock before them being sold. but the positive is that they have not updated your controller :slight_smile:

I have seen this growing problem since November in the German Twizy forum. Dexter (OVMS creator) has received a dump from the new controller, I believe, but has not been able (yet) to solved it. Maybe if Kenneth and Dexter put their brains together to figure this out?
My Twizy is produced in June… Lucky shot there…

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I can confirm that this does not apply to all cars manufactured after July 2016.
I have a client who has a car that is manufactured in Spain in late October 2016 and it is working properly with Powerbox.

it looks like It’s like playing on bingo if your New Twizy is tuneable or not :slight_smile:

Good to know.

I have been without my Twizy since the beginning of November after a nutter cut me off at a crossing. I could not avoid him and rammed the back left side of his car and the driver drove off without stopping. It was dark and damp so I could not see his number plate… it damage the steering as the front left wheel took most of the impact and a bit of damage to the front bumper.

More on that later when I eventually get my Twizy back from the Renault dealer in Wembley and this is where I am worried the dealer (largest in London) will decide to do more than the insurance and myself asked them to do. Kenneth, I want that PowerBox in spring next year so I will call the Wembley dealer to make sure they don’t upgrade the firmware.

I am hoping to get it back in January next year… it is taking so long and I am missing driving the Twizy. The only + is driving the courtesy car with windows and heat and we had a few cold spells in November.

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sorry to hear that you had an accident with your Twizy but the important thing is that you are all right :slight_smile:
Yes it might be wise to call them just to be absolutely sure. but most likely so will they not update it without mention this to you first. But one never knows :slight_smile: better safe then sorry

Kenneth, have you any new information regarding the firmware update on new Twizys and compatibility with your Powerbox? I’m expecting delivery in May of a 45 and would really like to go down this route but see a big risk if is no longer going to function.

It does not look so good. I’ve done some testing via the internet on a Twizy in Italy and it looks bad. Renault has changed the rights to change parameters in the controller. I can not do more now before I get hold of one I can work on at home.

Thanks for the update, so when we go in for service we need to ask them not to upgrade the firmware

@Cheekychappie To be 100% sure that they do not update it then you should tell them that they must not do it.
But I doubt they do it without talking to you first. but you never know.

but if you say that, you will probably get this question back. why not? so should maybe have an answer ready :-))))))

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Hi Kenneth,

I’m tempted to get a powerbox for my Twizy, regarding this latest firmware update etc. My car was built late 2015, however has sat in the dealership for most of its life and was given a full service before I got it, so there is a risk its been updated.

Is there a way to find out the firmware number before ordering a box?

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There is unfortunately no way to know this before trying a tuning box.
You get full return if it does not work on your car. but you lose shipping money.

Hi Kenneth,

I Want to order a new twizy 45, can it be tuned? Or is there no way to tune a Twizy 45 from 2017?

@Volvo360glt sorry but if it is made after July 2016 so it can not be tuned.

Hi! Do you still selling the box to increase speed on the twizy? I would be interested in one please if that is the case contact with me by email:
[email protected]
Thank you