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Important info to OVMS,Elia and Powerbox users

Hi @Aquiperez I’ve just sent you an email :slight_smile:

I wondered, have any Powerbox users lost the ability to Tune their Twizy following a Renault Service?

I have not heard from my customers that this has happened to any of them yet :slight_smile:

Thats good news at least - I am sure that they would be in touch

I also want to add. (And Kenneth you are welcome to comment on this) :
If you get your ecu/controll unit changed, it will contain the new software, and you can’t use your desired power box.
I know this first hand as a worker for a Renault dealership. I learned this from Kenneth after trying to tune my colleagues car. He’s car had a fault with the speed sensor. But the ecu got changed in the process of fixing it.

Yes this is correct. if your ECU (Sevcon controller) is replaced with a new controller then you will get the one that has the new firmware.

A motor controller is not a regular storage item, so it is most likely to be ordered when they need them. And then you get one with the new firmware installed.


Kenneth is possible speak with you??, please, give me your email.


@Royro you can direct message Kenneth through this site. No need for emails.

Sure @Royro if you like you can contact me at [email protected] or send me a PM message here on the forum

Hi @kennethnilsen69 has the situation changed with Twizys produced after 2016 I have a new one due to be delivered early September and was hoping to get a powerbox. Reading this it looks like I won’t be able to

Hi EVeryone!

Do we know of any positive or negative results with this new firmawre for owners of OVMS boxes?
My Twizy went in to Renault for a battery replacement in 2018 and since then I’ve been having strange / inconsistent behaviour with my tuning via OVMS. I can’t be 100% sure if it is related to the visit to Renault or not.

Is there a way to check what firmware version is installed on your ECU/sevcon?

@Brenners On the new Twizy models is a bit more complicated then those old models. You must replace your Motor controller.

I can now offer a motor controller for all Twizy models.

A custom modified Sevcon Gen4 controller costs 650 Euro + shipping (Prices are without VAT and you must pay VAT to your country when the package arrives in your country.)

The controller is a custom modify controller whits is the same type of controller that is in an original Twizy80 (Can also be used on Twizy45 :-)).
It is Plug And Play so just mount and drive :-))). It comes with Medium tuning pre installed which is up to 90Nm and top speed limit is set to 115 kmh.
You will not manage 115 kmh on a flat road. to reach 115 you need a good downhill. on flat road you will manage between 90 and 105 km/h. Hills and wind direction will affect top speed.
The main difference between the 3 tuning choices is Nm which means how fast it accelerates up to top speed. top speed is the same on all 3 Tuning level.
You can change Tuning level via the DNR buttons.
by holding down the D, R or D&R buttons for more than 5 seconds, the controlle performs the tuning.
D = MaxPower Tuning (up to 100Nm)
D&R = Medium Tuning (up to 90Nm)
R = Light Tuning (up to 80Nm)
You also get multifunction to the DNR buttons. You can choose from 5 different regeneration levels while driving.

Sevcon controller Manual:



Thanks for the reply @kennethnilsen69 man that looks complicated for a very Un-technical person like me. So gutted I can’t just use the standard power box really annoying that they have restricted its use in this way :frowning::frowning:

I bought a controller with the built in powerbox for my 2018 Twizy. It’s a bit fiddly to fit, but with a Jack, you should be alright. I had the assistance from fellow forum member Andrew who was definitely more savvy than me, and it took about 3 hours to figure out and fit. What I can say is that it’s SO worth buying. The Twizy is a totally different car and it would be impossible to regret getting!

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yep powerbox is the only way forward :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone know If I fitted one to my new Twizy (2020) would it effect any warranty etc

should imagine this will void your warranty , but you could always swap the old setup back if you have trouble.

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Yeah when mine goes in for a service I just reset to normal settings and remove the box and nobody is any the wiser