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In London Tuesday Evening

Hi folks,

I’m in London (west end – Heathrow area) on Tuesday, so if anyone fancies meeting up for a drink and a natter about EVs that might be nice.

I may even be able to drag some other EV folks along who are off to the Zoe launch on Wednesday :slight_smile: I’ll have my Leaf with me, but not the Twizy :frowning:


Hey Nikki

I will be about with the Twizy. Where is the Zoe launch, and can we get tickets? :wink:

Zoe launch is sadly press only. Ill be there with my ZCW blogging hat on. (It’s in Portugal).

Tuesday night I’m at the Marriott heathrow. It has a couple of ZCW charging stations and I have some adaptors, so how about it?

Going to get some other great and good from the EV world, plus you can try out the OVMS system in your twizy (just plugs in!)

So folks – 7pm at the heathrow Marriott. Who’s in then? (Meet in the Foyer?)

Hey Nikki

Will have to give tonight a miss I’m afraid as I’ve got to stay late at work. Sorry!

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