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Inconsiderate Parking

Had to go into Town today to buy a few things.
The Shopping Centre in Leicester Highcross has a car park for upto 3000 cars on 8 Levels.
There are 105 Parking Bays that have recharging points.
Before I invest in a Twizy I wanted to check out the free charging points.
They are all 13A 3 pin Sockets so ideal for a Twizy. :smiley:
One thing that did annoy me was that almost all the bays were filled with Fossil Fuel Cars:(
Don’t these Car Parks Police the Parking Bays?

Just sent an Email Complaint to the Highcross, they won’t do anything about it but it made me feel better :slight_smile:


I had the same when I went to M&S. when I asked about the charge point they asked if I was in my car, I was not. On leaving I checked the spaces and normal cars were in them. If I was to make that trip I would need to charge and if I got there and could not get in I would be livid!

I now know how disabled people feel.

If I was to make that trip I would need to charge and if I got there and could not get in I would be livid!

That’s what annoyed me, it is about 7 miles from my House and if I was in trouble I would pop in there for a Top-up.
That would cost me £2.50 for the Parking Place, would be major annoyed if I couldn’t plug in :frowning:


I had the same problem at Westfield shopping centre in West London. The 10 or so electric bays are not made exclusively for EVs and at peak times they are taken up entirely by regular cars. On the whole I have to admit that people do tend to avoid the bays and they are mostly empty, I wonder how long it will be before I find another EV parked in one.

Unfortunately, there are still less than 5,000 plug-in EV’s in the U.K., and I’m guessing (and the government is hoping) that most of them charge at home most of the time. Until more conventional motorists see an EV charging in an EV bay, it probably won’t occur to them that they are inconveniencing anyone.

The charge point providers need to wake up and realise that in central London, where EVs should rule, we don’t have very much off-street or garage parking. Instead we park on the street a few metres from our house. Maybe they should start thinking about putting sockets on our street lights instead of in car parks.

Gosh, that’s a good idea!

I was in this situation at Braehead Shopping Centre, where TWO ICE vehicles (Internal Combustion Engine) were parked in place and I had to run out an extension cord to get there. The Centre staff were sympathetic and asked me to fill out a complaint card, which I did. Spin forward 2 months, and the two bays have plastic bollards with a linking chain than leaves ICE drivers in no doubt the use is restricted, there is also signage adjacent saying that Private Parking attendants will issue charge notices for improper use of the spaces - a result! Now if they could only do this at ASDA!

no doubt such kind of things are annoying you a lot. i think the parking owner and the local administrator should make a plan to avoid such kind of issues.

105 bays! That have charge points… Lakeside, Essex a huge place, has 2 charge points!

Since the original Post I eventually received a reply to my Email.
They said that because there are so few EV vehicles about at the moment that anybody could park in the Charging Bays. :frowning:
They also added that they will monitor the situation and review the policy in the future.