Increase milage on a TWIZY

Please enlist things we can do to improve milage.
Like reduce weight on some parts or whatever you might know it’s welcomed.

My ideas are:

  1. Pre-heat (if it’s cold) the car and battery. Or create a mechanism that turns on/off to keep the battery pack at the same temperature 24/7. This is what I’ve heard Tesla and Nissan drivers are supposed to do to get the best out of the battery
  2. Replace those heavy looking bar holding the battery pack with something lighter like carbon fiber or something mixed with…as some of you have done already!.. but I want it lighter :smile:
  3. Magnesium wheels
  4. Improve aerodynamic (I’ve opened another topic for it)
  5. Replace the service 12v battery with another bigger and lighter, like a lifepo4
  6. Replace the driver seat with a carbon fiber one …or something lighter
  7. Solar panels to charge while driving
  8. Generator
  9. Super frictionless oil for the gear case
  10. Tailgating 1hair distance hahahha lol!
  11. Get a powerbox and set regen brakin on 0% (we are talkin of a trip that’s 80% uphill

Ps. Don’t even mention to make a battery pack cos I’m not able to and nobody seems interested in making a traction battery pack for me.

I really need to be able to go uphill. From the city to the top of the hill. The whole trip it’s 47km and I’ve noticed a guy in Italy with a ride on the hillside ran out of juice at 44km.
There’s an altitude difference of 301meters.
Obviously it’s uphill but only few parts of the route has its steep.
…I’m afraid to buy a Twizy and end up few hundred meters from home :sweat:

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It’s certainly a better ride if you alter the tyre pressure to : 2.6 front and 2.3 rear. This could also help the range maybe?

Could be. What’s Renault recommendation? :confused:

I drive in Winter sometimes one way uphill, its about 800m , from ~250m over sea to highest point in blackforrest at 1100m.
Temperature outside: -2 degree. At arrival on Mountain ~13%. Distance about: 28km.
With success. No tuning apart higher pressue in the wheels.

How about using ultracapacitors for start/stop?
Similar to Eatons hydraulic launch assist.
Charge the ultracapacitors when braking as they have a higher efficiency for charging than the traction battery.
Then use the stored energy for accelerating from a standstill and then have the traction battery take over when the ultracapacitors are depleted.


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