Increasing top speed of Tiwzy 40

Hi everyone -
Does anyone know how to increase the top speed of the Twizy 40 from 40 kph to 80 kph?


I imagine that would be illegal in countries where the distinction between L7 and L6 quadricycles has tax, licensing or insurance implications. I don’t know what the situation is in the UK.

My question was about how to do it, not about legality. Is the motor the same for both the 80 and 40 models?

Not as far as I understand.

I think it’s rated power output would need to be 4kW or less, which limits the maximum top speed achievable, but that might still be higher than the legal limit.

In which case the easiest method is to replace motor and electrics of a Twizy 40 with those form a Twizy 80. Not the answer you wanted but still a valid answer.

Ok, thank you.

I think the 40 kph version is basically unusable in a city. It’s just too slow.

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Won’t a Powerbox increase the performance of a 45 to that of a Standard 80?