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Industry Attempting To Stop DIY EVSE

[FONT=Verdana]I thought you might like to see just how government and industry conspire to prevent free consumer choice in the UK [/FONT]:S[FONT=Verdana]

What exactly are they talking about? Aren’t the charging points provided by ZCW the Rolec points?

When asked for clarification they sent me this link;


Which is all very clear and if not, you shouldn’t be doing it. But you say that. Far worse things on Instructables.
The video explains what you need and doesn’t skimp on the way it is done. No unsafe methods.

The only thing I could think that might help is if you suggested the cable should be checked by a competent/approved electrician if you confident.

Perhaps they will ask to close Screwfix etc.

But there again I do strange things like ripping my house lighting circuit out the fuse box to attach it to my Battery bank linked to Solar panels. We are talking about over 64amps from 1.8kw Solar panels here and 10KWhrs of batteries and it is done with easy to get materials and only DIY skills.

If the cost of charging at public point continues to go up and be unreasonable prices then we will need more of Kevin’s good work.

as long as the installation is checked by a qualified electrician it is fine, technically it isnt safe if it is installed by a non qualified electrician…we are not even allowed to install a new plug point into a ring main anymore without it being approved…

they are being correct I am afraid and we do have to tow the line on this point…just add that a qualified electricain does need to check the installation…and give a certificate…

IMO the video makes it very clear that the completed EVSE should be approved and tested by a professional. Thats the same advice that I would give to someone buying electrical parts at B&Q for DIY installation at home. It’s also worth remembering that this is a portable device that will be connected to a pre-approved power supply.

You can buy a J1772 cable from Pod Point (a UK EVSE member) on ebay which I suspect is not intended as a table decoration, rather as a component part of a Charging Station :wink:

A good read, Transport Evolved - UK Trade Association Wants to Stop DIY Charging Stations

“The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment association, a trade body that represents suppliers of charging stations and charging station management systems, has written a strongly-worded letter asking a UK charity to cease the promotion of do-it-yourself charging stations.”

Sorry have to correct this point, your are allowed, as a house holder, to carry out permitted electrical alterations listed in Part P Building regs and can add a spur power point without the need for certification, certain other things are allowed, pls google.

However anything concerning public use MUST have an official test certificate, but the physical installation does not have to be done by an expensive electrician. The trick is toget a tame sparky who will come and inspect your installation and write out a ticket - it can be done, usually by someone from out of your area.

Dont get me started - IEE regs have been turned into a total dogs breakfast every since that meddling ignoramous Prescott made the indescribably stupid mistake of making domestic electrics part of local authority building regs like making garage mechanic be responsible for medical practices - yes its that dumb Prescott!!!