Inner life of charger

To get a better understanding of the air circulation in the charger, here some pictures of my charger. I took it apart out of curiosity.

That’s how it looks from the outside when you remove it.

orange cable in front: connection to blue mains plug
connection next to it: snorkel (The charger is caspuled and can “breath” through that snorkel)
black cable at left rear: connection to 12-V-battery
orange cable at rear: connection to main battery

Behind a cover is the outer fan, that blows air through cooling fins. The rest of the charger is capsuled.

open charger

inner fan; circulates the air inside the charger

control unit

close up

Many Thanks for sharing these pictures.
Yet again you are doing a brilliant job, I love these postings.

Very interesting, do we know how much these are for when the warranty expires, mines had 1 already :frowning:

Thanks for posting excellent photos

Mine has blown, being prepared for the dealer to say that nothing is wrong… Or it’s back order…do you know the part number? I car check stocks myself!

Hi, i am new here. Where are the pictures again? I cannot see them anywhere? Is there some link here? Thank you.

Dealer charged £900 but was under warranty for charger replacement.