Innovation project, HELP PLEASE!

Hi, I am Simone.

I am part of an innovation project which is looking at developing an app that will help EV/Plug-in owners managing their car and in particular, introduce them to Vehicle-to-Grid technology (V2G)! :star_struck:

We’re in the early stages of developing the app, and we want input from real EV/Plug-in drivers to help us create an innovative, easy-to-use product that will help you get the best use out of your vehicle and help the grid to get a step closer to become a “smart grid”.

We will be extremely grateful to everyone that could help us. The survey will take you only 10 minutes.

Thank you so much in advance!


Btw if you want more information about the project :face_with_monocle: , or you fear that I will use your contribution to make million (:money_mouth_face:):

I work for an organisation called GenGame.

GenGame was created as a research project sponsored by one of the distribution network operator (DNO), Northern Powergrid.

The original project’s goal was to evaluate how to best engage domestic customers with demand-side-response (DSRs) using gamification. You can find more information about the project + the outcomes here Welcome | Activating Community Engagement

Ace is now over, but thanks to the competencies developed in engaging domestic homeowners and gamification we are now working on three more research projects.

The one we are using the survey for is called: UK-South Korea Smart Energy Innovation Collaboration Competition and is sponsored by BEIS.

The goal of our project is to study the use of gamification (competitions, games and virtual rewards) and other methods to engage ULEV owners with V2G technology and incentivise behaviours such as the discharging/charging of their EV batteries to support the energy system.

So what we are testing at the moment is more the behavioural side of V2G, rather than the technology.

Last but not least, about my concern about your concern about us making million:

Technically, since last year, we are a limited company. This is due to the fact that more than one supplier contacted us to ask for help in developing services and apps for their customers. So you are right, there is a part of GenGame which is about selling our services, nevertheless, most of GenGame team is focused on delivering the research projects, which are funded through grants.

Now a little bit about my role:
My role is product manager, so my job is to understand how to best meet user needs.
Gamification is a very powerful tool to engage users, nevertheless, it doesn’t work all the time and with all type of users.
So another good way to engage users is to…moment of suspense…develop a product that answers their needs.
And this is exactly what we are trying to do with this survey. Of course, this is only a first and basic survey that we are using to confirm some of the assumptions we made + see if we can discover something we missed so far.

Thank you for explaining it. I have completed it. Evowners does have a high Twizy ownership membership and it is the car that is missing from the list.

The Twizy doesn’t by default make use of the current charge points as it uses a standard UK 3 pin plug. Although adaptors can be purchased at a price.

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Hi @osbrook,

Thank to taking the time to fill the form. I used the list of the most sold EV/Plug-in car in the UK in 2018. And I decided to display the first 10, if not it would have been too long when displayed (I let the option at the end to add one) .

Bit misleading for AC / Type 2 users. V2G requires access to a suitable Chademo / CCS DC pack connection. The Twizy pack is way below the official low voltage for Chademo standard, and few Chademo / CCS charge locations have actually been made to go to the lower voltage limit, as most modern EVs have a DC Pack voltage of over 300v dc.
As an option for a Twizy owner V2g is not feasible, you have no access to the pack, just a non intelligent AC connection. On board AC charging is one way only , the charger is just a charger not an inverter with a mains output. Unlike a motor controller that will work at ac into and out of the motor and dc into and out of the pack.