Instrument panel in kilometers change to miles problem

I need to change my Twizy from kms to miles, I have followed the instructions below as per the manual but it does not flash as stated. What am I doing wrong?

Instrument panel in miles
It is possible to switch to km/h.
Press button 5 and switch on the ignition.
The speed measurement unit indicator
flashes for approximately three seconds,
then the new unit flashes on the
display and is then lit up continuously:
release button 5.
To return to miles, proceed in the same

I have the same problem - I am havin to take the Twizy to a Renault garage to change with diagnostic tool.

Not possible to do, the manual is wrong. You have to go to a dealer, it costs around £80.

Thanks for the info, it was driving me mad. A dealer it is…

While at the dealer do the lights need changing to dip the other way, to be honest
I haven’t really noticed which way if any they slant.