Insurance Groups

I noticed the other day on the Thatcham website that the insurance groups for early Twizy models were 4-5 groups higher than the current batch of Twizys.

i.e. The Colours, Urbans and Technics are a lot more expensive to insure than the Expression, Cargo and Dynamique!

Does anyone know why this is? Do those with newer Twizys really get cheaper insurance?

Seems a strange one really when they are the same machine, could we insure using the later title for a cheaper deal without invalidating as it is only cosmetic differences?

I wouldn’t have thought so, simply because it will have Technic rather than Dynamique on your registration document. Wouldn’t it be fraud to say you have a Dynamique if you don’t?

I was trying to think if it was that specific, will take a look tonight, could have sworn it just said Twizy