Insurance prices

Has anyone had a recent quote which was good at all?

Looking on here it looks like the prices are quite expensive due to the Thatcham rating, just phoned up Admiral who we have our Audi SQ5 with and they wanted £570 for the Twizy for a year! I only pay £590 for the Audi.

Only I am finding £290 being cheapest, but that still is not great.


I finally went with Flux Direct, seemed good all around cover for £310, (The £290 I found had my NCB which I need to keep on the other car).

I also took on Admiral last year to cover for both our cars. I have just received the renewal for the Twizy and it has almost doubled… at £647 crazy.

Over 50 with over 7 years no claim bonus but my wife had a crash last year with her car been written off so it may explain a bit with also a change of car!

Only managed to get £88.48 off the quote :joy:

Pretty much same here. I’m on Admiral multicar, Megane with 15 years no-claims is £450, Twizy with 1 year NCB is also £450.

I could get the Twizy a bit cheaper elsewhere I think, BUT the Megane without the “multicar” is more like £600, so the way I see it, the Twizy only put my total premium up £300.

I’m £230 with quote me happy. I’m 32 been driving 14yrs and have no claims or convictions. That includes legal cover and protected no claims which added about £50 so I guess based policy was £180.

Hi, oooo how i wish i could go so cheap like you guys…
Bought twizy, then the story began!
I live in Ireland, and guess what? Not even one insurance company that covers electric quads!wow…
Then i found one in uk that does deal with Ireland, and price for fully comprehensive was 960euros!
Had to take third party and theft for 600euros with second driver on policy.
Bad luck :frowning:

I paid about £170 for the year with Admiral Multi Car

£170 for me with admiral

@ Paul

I’m a sado that works in commercial insurance for my sins with one of the larger uk insurers. Don’t touch motor class now occasionally deal with the overall account performance/ rates.I nearly fell off my chair with the thatcham rating! I think it fell under the “fook it, erm dunno” and went middle of the road rate!

I get 50% discount plus multi policy etc and it was still scandalous, anyone who is getting sub £200 take it!!! Plus you have the government to thank for a recent Ipt hike and another on the way!

Ps Paul love the sq5, swithering whether I want the extra debt and get one, as my dads just about to part with his, or the other non debt option is the hilux 3.0 invincible he is also just about to replace, I’m swaying hilux, mainly as I’m tight and I have two mucky black labs!

I paid under £300 at Adrian Flux but have 60% no claims applied so I guess it was actually quite high to start off with.

@Dave_Tabs thanks Dave, both great cars although Mrs Cheeky now has her eyes on the outrageous SQ7 :astonished:

Go for the SQ5, must nicer size!!

I’m £179 fully comp, but that’s with a multi car discount through Churchill. I also have 3 speeding points.

Already got an SQ5 - actually on our second due to the first being built incorrectly, however the Wife would like the larger and faster version for our long trips!!

Excellent! I’ve only had 4 Audi’s, the A8 Sport, A2, A5 Coupe and my last, V10 R8 Spyder. Amazed you had one “built incorrectly”?! Bet they loved giving you a replacement.

Will tell you the story over a beer, basically invoked being lied to for 9 months and salesperson and sales manager being fired

My sister has had a lot of trouble with her Audis, two of them had new engines very early in their life after exploding on the motorway! plus numerous DPF problems as well. As a former garage owner and a service manager for VW/Audi I think that the reliability reports for them are very true in so much as they are not as reliable as people think, In fact chinese built MGs rate higher!

Was dreading going through the Insurance process as just done my other car with Tesco. Which I’m selling. Called them and quoted me £550 ouch. Went through a few comparison websites and got down to £290 then tried quidco compare. Wow £170 with £27 cashback. Result.

Full no claims protected also over 40. Happy. Performance Direct is the company who have thought that with a Twizy.

My friendly broker says that insurance rates for EVs are very high due not only to the obvious additional cost of repairs to the electrical systems (that can mostly only be done by a certified main dealer), but because people keep walking out in front of them and getting hit! Despite it being the pedestrians’ fault, insurance gets a hike as a result. Very annoying.