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Insurance renewal


I have received my insurance renewal from Admiral and again they are trying to increase the Premium by nearly one hundred GBP to a total of 668.20 GBP.

I had enough of having to haggle again but keep paying more and more every year when I have a clean license, etc…

Am I really paying too much and if so can any of the UK owners recommend an insurance with a more competitive rate? I have looked at some older topics on insurances and the same names seem to come again and again.

I can only insure one vehicle so it won’t be a multiple cars cover but really would like to pay less.



Where do you live with premiums like that? I too have to haggle with Admiral but it’s still a fraction in £200. But I’m old.

Thanks Osbrook,

Holding on at 54 and in west London Hillingdon / Middlesex. Relatively safe area with off street parking.

My wife’s Fiat Panda was half the price and I’m paying less than £400 for my 2009 Transporter T5 campervan in near mint condition valued at £19.000.

Difficult to believe the Twizy is now more than £4000

£165 with Churchill. Oddly it was cheaper to start with zero no claims than use my existing 20yrs!

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Mine - as a second car - 0 no claims - safe area and off street parking - social domestic and commutin…
Just a little more expensive than it is to insure my other car - worth many times as much - with 15 years no claims… I am going to speak to Churchill i think!

Just renewed with Admiral £174. Full no claims allowed, garaged.

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Not yet due for renewal but I will keep these quotes in mind when time comes.


Hi @EricLafoy,

After moving from sunny Ruislip to (rough part of) Clapham Junction years ago, my Twizy premium went up by £150, but since then I’ve managed to get it down to around £300. [Under 40, 9yrs No Claims, on street parking, no multi-car discount]. Cheapest was with Esure at £280 last year.

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Just had LV refuse my renewal as previously reported on this forum.

I’ve got this to look forward to.

I Currently pay LV £576 for a multi vehicle policy - £361 for my TTS and an additional £215 for the Twizy.

I wonder what it is they don’t like about them?

It can’t be the electric factor as they advertise as an insurer of EVs.

Old battery technology
No battery monitoring systems
No proper lockable doors
Can be easily and silently pushed into the back of a van.
No tracking systems.
One accident and it’s pretty much written off
Renault charge the earth for any parts

I think I pay about £250 a year for mine from Admiral.

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I paid £190 for insurance with Admiral but have just had £25 refunded because of low claims during lockdown. I think £165 is a good deal, I will most likely renew with them again.

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Could also be that even if insured minimally for third party/fire/theft, the insurance still is required to cover for the full value of the battery to RCI if you are renting it?

We paid £156.80 full comp for me and the missus , mix cover business and private 4000 miles with Churchill.


Yep LV declined my Twizy renewal, but LV renewed the wife’s Zoe in May!? For Twizy Churchill came out better than Admiral with max bonus, living near Worthing on South Coast, social use only, I&S, fully comp, protected ncd at £172. Less than a 1k miles pa. In our mid 50’s and zoe was only £20 more pa and valued for £16k

I’ve also had an email from LV telling me they no longer insure the Twizy.

Last year I paid LV £576 for my Audi TT and the Twizy.

This year Admiral quoted me £598.

Aviva quoted me £528, for slightly better cover than Admiral, so I’ve gone with them.

This is a joint policy, which also includes courtesy car, legal aid and additional personal injury.

Both needed a telephone call to explain the PowerBox.

When insuring, what do you all put for the value?

The car plus a rough estimate of battery?

That was what I gave back when I had a Twizy. I think I used to say about £3k for the battery on top of the vehicle value.

I estimated mine at £8k.

Thanks both, it seems twizy insurance has gone up since I looked earlier in the year!