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Hello people,
We have a Twizy which our company owns. Have any of you got business insurance for your Twizy?
The company we used last time have taken themselves out of the market :frowning:
Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hi Cath,

How did you get on with the insurance? I’m having a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out mine through the business.

Best quote I have is from Zurich at £1611 I don’t pay that collectively for my other three vehicles!

what? 1611 £ for one year?
That is way too much. 161 £ per year sounds more realistic.

You would be correct for private insurance but this is for business.

Unfortunately £1611 was the cheapest I could find for business use so sucked it up and paid it

Seems downright ridiculous when I look at what I pay to insure my other vehicles, I should have checked out the insurance before buying!

You said you will use it to run around in town. Just a thought, is it really that clear cut it is for “business” use. I know you can write off the expenses against tax, but in this case maybe “private” use insurance can actually save you money. £1611 is REALLY ridiculous!!

Unfortunately I’ve also stuck my staff on the policy and I’m wrapping the Twizy as a bit of a PR stunt, I would not get away with private use.

Fair enough.

I use the NFU easy peasey and they have good rates generally and are far less demanding about what you do with it…mine is insured for everyone from 21 years onwards…plus three named under 21 year olds…think it was less than 500 quid but cant check anymore as its all looped into the collective insurance policy we have…

That’s useful information, would I be right in thinking that your vehicle are covered under a fleet policy?