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Interchangeable batteries

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have replaceable battery packs that you could slide in and out and worked in both the Twizy and Zoe? I know they are different sizes but you could have say 3 or 4 6 kwh batteries in the Zoe then use the same ones individually for the Twizy. This way you would be able to replace them quicker than doing a recharge and only pay one battery rental price? I do like the idea of having both cars! Must resist!!! :wink:

How long should it take for an average (non-technical) user to replace a battery? Something like 5 minutes? Or 1 hour?

I struggled for 10mins with the connectors on mine!!!

It will take a while on a Twizy to replace the Traction battery as it is built in. The 12V one should be changed in around 10 minutes.