Interested in a Twizy


I’m looking to change my 9 year old Kia Carens for a Twizy.
We don’t need the big car anymore. I’m going to rent a Twizy
for 3 days in januari and then decide if I will buy one.
Problem with the rental car: it has no windows.


Welcome Bert.
Where are you based? In the UK or Northern Europe, Twizy in Jan is no fun, and it might put you off. In the summer it’s a totally different story. IMO windows don’t make much difference, although others might disagree.
It’s not going to be your only car, is it? If so think again. It’s not going to be practical as the only car. As a second car to run around in locally it’s perfect.


I’m from Belgium. The Twizy would be only to drive to work (15km) but that means the whole year around.
That is the main reason I wanted to test it in Jan. If it’s nice now, it certainly will be the rest of the year.
I’m going to rent for 3 days and drive to work to be really sure. But indeed, if I don’t like it I won’t be able to compare with driving it with windows on it. But on this forum I read about windows on the Twizy and people in Sweden driving in winter through the snow :slight_smile:
Years ago I went to work on a motorbike (also through the snow :grin:) and that’s how I see the Twizy: motorcycle with a roof. Oh, and I would prefer the cargo version.
Am I wrong about this?

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I think you are right about the Twizy being a motorbike with a roof, and 4 wheels of course. I have the Renault windows but I don’t use them anymore. I haven’t used them for 3 winters now. I find it much nicer without them. The Twizy was designed that way and you will find it’s not too drafty at all without them, at least for the driver. In the winter get yourself well insulated and you will be OK. You are used to a motorbike, so you will find it’s no problem.
For your 15km to work it’s perfect. I still think you will need another car, though.
Yeah I would have preferred the cargo version too.

Hi Bert
I drive my Twizy almost every day and it is my only car :slight_smile:
I am one of the few owners who prefers windows :smiley:
I have full Perspex lockable windows fitted to my Twizy and I would not be without them in Winter!
But as Askho says the Twizy is really nice to drive without Windows (When the sun is out and it’s warm!) :smiley:


Bbel, I never drove a motorcycle, but I think you are right about the comparison.
I do have Renault windows, but I do not use them.
When it’s not raining, I usually take my e-bike to go to work. With less pleasant weather conditions, I use the Twizy(and leave my Ford Galaxy at home, just because I like theTwizy better)).
When my Twizy is in for service at the local(!) Renault EV dealer, I drive their Cargo. Nice ride, except for the wind around my head, instead of somewhere in the back.
Something to keep in mind.

I’m an ex motorcyclist and use my Twizy everyday what ever the weather (just entering my 5th winter) and I never use windows. The air flow is so different from a bike that you stay warmer but not as warm as in a car

I agree with Osbrook on the difference between a motorcycle and Twizy, it’s much better in the Twizy, and it copes well with slippy roads, (unlike a bike or scooter). If you feel yourself getting cold I see others on here have bought 12V electric blanket,I use heated car set covers in the back and front seats and it keeps me and my passenger warm and cosy.


Is the air flow so different on a cargo? I really prefer that model because I don’t need a 2nd seat.
It won’t be our only car but it’s still nice if you can do some shopping with it on the way home.
It would also be more interesting for my wife to go shopping :wink:

IMO it is.
The wind is stopped and returned right behind your head.
You can fix that by using windows…
Again IMO, windows kill the Twizy experience (I know not everyone agrees with that, so it is really matter of preference). With the windows, you’re driving a small car. Without windows, this is really an other beast. :grinning:

I’m in sweden, I drive 44km roundtrip to and from work everyday. The coldest I’ve driven was -8C.

2 thirds of the way is highway max speed.

Get yourself some proper mittens, and some insulating trousers (ski equipment or similar).

I have the lexan windows, it’s great. It allows me to drivr without extra insulating layers in late autumn and early spring, and I need only my suit. It also protects me from sideways splashes from other cars.

In summer i remove them.

Today I picked up the Twizy (No Windows}

. Tonight it had snowed (in Belgium!)
It was -1°C . I had a nice pair of gloves (the first ride).
Really, this was SO MUCH fun. Took of the gloves the next ride!
I never got cold. Compared to a motorbike this is heaven!
AND it fits in the garage! (I think it is important to start with a warm battery}
Now I’m looking for a Twizy Cargo!!!

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If you think it’s FUN at -1C, wait till the summer. You will LOVE it !! :grin:
Anyway glad you enjoyed it. Wish you luck with a Cargo :slight_smile:

In the UK It has been hovering around zero the past week. I took my windows out and drive with a number of layers, including thing gloves then mittens over the top and my final layer is a dryrobe (something I use for Obstacle Course Racing) which is very handy and warm as well.


I’ve seen a second hand Twizy I like, but the problem is that it has a mennekes connection. Does anybody know how to use this at home?

Would this work?

Two ways

  1. get a home charge point with type socket.
  2. take it off and put on a normal heavy duty plug.
    Keep the current plug and make your own converter cable.

Alternative is as suggested but may be most expensive and may not work, as some as very fussy about what is plugged into them.

All depends on if you need the type 2 connector


Thanks for the info. Do you mean I can just take off the mennekes plug?
The electronics and cable can stay the same?

You should be able to do that, the control electrics (a resister) will be in the mennekes plug. The mennekes plugs are quite expensive so hang on to it or give it me. :slight_smile: So I can make a cable up.

The mennekes plug can be interesting to load on a public point.
I rather use an extra cable at home than on a public place, it might ‘disappear’.
I found this cable for about 200-250 € incl shipping.
Would this work? I would choose 10A/16A adjustable