Interior Carpet

Hi, I have just installed an interior carpet in my Twizy. It came from ELIA in Germany, .

There are different colours and fits straight into the holes in the rubber mats, so easily fitted in minutes. Mine is lime green to go with 1 of my companies logo colours (looks like astro turf). £70 delivered direct from them.

They also do chrome side, front and rear bars and the full list of accessories are here

Also check out their full blown Passion Version

Driving around a little less road noise and stops feet from slipping around when wet

Don’t post this in the German forum as I have received bashing for my green carpet.
Seems green carpets are frowned upon in germany…

@ALEXAKOS , Thinking of doing something similar to you (a DIY job), how have you held your grass in place and what pile did you choose? I’m looking to embrace the orange and get some orange astroturf and then maybe come back to you for some vinyl stickers! Cheers

@Billybob75. I have done what you are planning to do. I popped out the holding plugs, used the old mats as a template for size and hole placement., and banged the old plugs back in. If they do fail, you can buy replacements on eBay… Jobs a good one :+1:

That sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to your build.As Pete said, Just use the existing plugs. Only issue if the mat is too thick they may keep popping out. Thats why I glued mine under the mat with PVC piping glue. But all in all a very good and cheap solution.
If you consider using a real feel grass like mine I can sen you a 1X1 meter roll;)

Since there is no mat in my twizy i have nothing to make a template from, i would like a blue one. Any sugestions?

I also haven’t got a matt at the moment, suppose I will have to make a cardboard template and go from there.

That looks good but no green for me!! I have emailed them (in German of course!) to see if they do any other colours. Thinking black. (Boring I know). If there is anyone else in the area that wants one let me know and Ill order more and save shipping.

Okay, I have just had this reply from them:

Hi Dear,

Had this carpet still in Antrazith .
However, delivery time would be 4-6 weeks because I have this reorder only .
The price is 64,00€ +shipping.

I didn’t know what Antarzith was either, but it’s black. If any one wants a carpet then let me know and I’ll place a multiple order.

I want one - but actually like the Green! Might be easier to do a separate order though as not around the corner

Just ordered the carpet. In black or “Antrazith” as they refer to it! 6 weeks wait though.

Hi, for any of you looking to DIY your own carpet, the carpet which I bought is fixed with 20mm by 4mm CSK screws which go down into the holes which hold the original rubber mats and sits on top of it.

Did you pay up front @K22MDL or just leave a deposit for now?

Paid in full.

Got the carpet and “installed it” - no help from Martin required! Shocking isn’t it?

Conclusion? A tad expensive for the quality. Material is very thin, I was expecting much thicker astro-turf type material which would have given me more insulation and felt better under my feet. See the green version above from the same supplier. I will be contacting them as I was only told it would be black not green.

The mat is cleverly held in place by four screws that drive into the plastic bungs that hold the standard plastic mats in place. Only problem is, if you get it wet/dirty you are going to have to take your Philips screw driver out each time. Not good.

It does however look much better than the cheap looking plastic I am usually greeted with upon opening the doors. Don’t think it will last too long though.

That is expensive for what it is !!

I’m pleased you think so, that’s the conclusion I came to too.

Nice outcome but yes, I think Elia stuff is crap!!!
Very expensive and only half way good.

Why didn’t you use the existing clips to tie it down?

Plus I think a carpet should have holes to let the water syphon out of the vehicle :wink: