Hi friends. I’m Silvia Sam. I’m new in this site. I hope this is really exciting foe me…:slight_smile:


Welcome to the group.

Hi Silvia,
If a bit of an EV enthusiast there cant be a better site ! …Do you have a EV or planning to get one ?
Hope you enjoy your decision…

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@James hey i would like to thank you guys for the add, i Have just purchased a new Nissan leaf but use to have a Twizy called Buzz (Not got a name for the Leaf yet) i have a battery pack if anyone wanted to buy it for Buzz.


Interesting how much - love to replace mine.

I was looking for about £1750.00


Hi Im Harry, New to the twizzy world! I believe I may have the highest mileage twizzy around! Mines clocked up 27000 Miles! Wanted to start new thread but couldn’t find out how, Anyone else heard of a twizzy with similar mileage, be interested to know whats been replaced, Will upload some pictures tomorrow!



Welcome Harry. Your Twizy is a lot further on than mine. Replacements for me have been a 12V battery, brake pads and Tyres.

The 12V battery was only because it was 6 years old and a number of Twizy batteries had swelled up. Mine was in perfect nick and still usable.

Where in the world are you based?

Thanks! I’ve got a little bit of service history with mine but due to data protection etc I’ve got what I can from the Renault dealers it’s been too.

It’s had all the brakes changed once discs and pads (seems very common and expensive due to
The discs not being sepetatly sold)

I’ve just had a new 12v battery fitted at Renault and unfortunately A new dash (£980) later! However it was working when it went into the dealer!! Ohh well such as life. I put it in for a service because I thought it may need a new traction battery however this seemed it was the 12v battery being the issue. Range is around 35 miles showing on full charge. Haven’t tested this fully out yet. Seems good for it just not risked it yet.

Brake pads are just about to be changed. Other then that it seems fine. The reason for the mileage is the previous owner commuted into London daily for 4 years.

I’m a car dealer located in BOURNEMOUTH and took in part Ex just thinking it would be a bit of fun. Not our normal criteria or stock.

Great little fun car to drive and perfect for wizzing around the shops. I believe it’s also out of contract if at all possible?

Any ideas of value for it from you Twizzy experts? Or anyone one on here interested in purchasing from me?

Please see attached some pictures. Sorry for the bad quality and dirty Twizzy!

I should imagine without a contract / battery rental there will be quite a bit of interest. Looks like a nice example too.

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