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Is it me or your board pls advise


First, the settings tab top right doesnt do anything (i tried this to see if it would fix the problem)

Your board seems to log me out every time i try to post a reply to a topic

I take the care to save my test otherwise I lose it all

I have to go to advanced before posting so I can set the reply to immediate email.

I have found a work around and that is to go from topic to reply and then straight to advanced before entering in any text. that works without dumping me.

pls advise why your system logs me out so easily?



Sorry Robin It’s you, or at least your setup.

I post using a number of different Browsers on several O/Ss. I just use the reply button no need for advanced.

Does your settings button work?

mine doesnt

wonder what im doing wrong?

Yes setting (Top Right) works. What Browser and OS do you use and are you behind any firewalls/ proxies that may be restricting some things?

Off the top of my head it sounds like a cookies and/or JavaScript problem.

What computer are you using? Which browser?

Cheers, I’ll check out my cookie settings, I am using latest Firefox, don’t usually get these problems on other boards, but I’ve got a work around and made Settings work and set my response to instant email, I just remember to copy my text before posting, just in case it dumps me.