Is the back seat ok for a dog?

I live on a small island (only 15 miles of road) and wonder if my labrador would find the back seat ok? Or would it be easy to adapt (normally travels on bench seat of a bigger vehicle, head out of window)?

Difficult question, I have a dog less than half that size and it works fine. Might be uncomfortable for such a large dog…

I have the biggest border collie in the world 35 kilos he loves the Twiz so give it a whirl


Many thanks, encouraging messages; she is actually fairly trim, I am just not sure how wide the rear seat might be but I have requested the official brochure so can probably get measurements from that. I hope for a custom made demountable full width “seat” to fit over the official one… it is only a single-track road and life is fairly laid-back.

My 35 kg Collie is zitting next to me in my Twizy Cargo. Between seat and door. No problem at all😎 I have placed a rubber mat on that side to give his feet and ass some comfortable friction.