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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Is this a viable storage solution or am I dreaming?

Chaps and chapesses!


is this a viable storage solution? The only down side I can see, you’d have to be fairly accurate with your parking. What do you think? Cheaper than a shed, and I thought I could jimmy rig the top to provide shade for charging. Yes? No? What do others do for storage? How do you cope with the “try and charge it in the shade” issue? Cheers, twix

ps I should say ignore the second picture, it’s a little horrific!

Unless you shrink your Twizy to half size, it won’t fit:rolleyes::rolleyes:.
The Twizy dimensions :
H = 145.4 cm
L = 233.8 cm
W = 123.7 cm

I brought one of these last year


for under £150 been great, even in all the bad weather and winds we had over the winter.

thanx for the tip

looks good

I’m going to order one for the car and one for wood! Thanks for the advice and the warning!