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Italian Windows

Yet another Twizy Window Option!


Neat. I think this would be an ideal addon for the winter. I do like the apparent quality of these ones.

With the Renault windows on order for my second Twizy, I am considering what I’m going to do in the winter when things get a little colder (and wetter)

These, it appears, could be a good winter solution. Any idea on prices?

One final thought. I think these windows could perhaps be made better if used with longer bolts and spring washers of some description. I’m a little worried the stock bolts are too short… or is there some play there?

The sliding window part will soon scratch and look bad as well as restricting vision. They also look very heavy for the doors. But I like the way they seal. Still not needed windows yet!

The only improvement I would like is a re-design of the access window.
As osbrook says I think it will scratch easily, and I would want it lockable.[

360 Euros + p&p

Here is the link, they are also going to be offering a 150 watt heater, they must be wiring it direct off of the 12v battery because the accessory socket will not power it.