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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Its Twizy Snow time!

Just started snowing quite heavily here in East London. Got my daily commute to work in 20 minutes. Let the (safe) fun commence!

Don’t think it’s going to last – but very keen to see what happens next !:slight_smile:

Narrow tyres = fun

Roger - is that a little cigarette lighter socket heater/blower on the dashboard???

None here, my time will come, I have a set of 2cv snow chains here :slight_smile:

No a bluetooth speaker…if I had one it would be for my feet! Set off at 7.15am and still a mile to do :question:

Snow got in!

Drifting in the snow (school playground)

Re-charge before home as it has been declared a snow day Yay (Twizy window now has a tint film…)

Windows look good with the tint

Looks very dark is that a legal shade?

Thanks. -2 this morning in Southend

Please, tell me about the autonomy in these conditions… is fell down much? thank you :slight_smile:

So how was the journey - rear wheel drive. Did the skinny tyres offset the problem of rear wheel drive ?

Anyone found any deep snow to drive on yet?

On light snow at a roundabout where I was off-throttle before entry and accelerated as I got onto it, the back end squirmed about with some corrective steer needed. As the snow got thicker, with the delay on the throttle, I got far more traction than expected, it seems better than those around me, as I had to keep slowing down for them! It seems that the narrow tyre cuts through the softer snow on the top of the compacted Ice underneath, with the lighter weight of the Twizy meaning you need less power to get it moving and can steer through obstacles without power on and the battery regen slowing you down like engine braking. My concern was hitting compacted snow… Wasn’t sure how the underbody protection would cope with that? Also found that the wiper and demist were related on the accessory battery - wiper went a bit slower with both on. Snow was cleared ok by the wiper, but built up at the base and side of the screen, forcing me to get out and scrape it away when queueing in traffic. Hope that is ok until we get some heavy snow.

Glad you found that – I had exactly the same experience with my City El in the snow when I had that. Hoping I get my replacement Twizy before the end of the winter, so I can test it too!