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I've quit before I started

I HAD a twizy on order. It is being cancelled. Have you seen the new excess mileage charge! How many have they sold in the uk? 300 odd, they’ll never make it to 301 at this rate. Why spend millions on research and then screw up the marketing, price structure and quite frankly a work force who couldn’t give a toss. Renault have staff who actively discourage you from their forecourt re the twizy. Again, how much money have renault and Nissan wasted, just by not getting the entire company onside! Renault claim to have bet the house on ze, damn, bye bye renault. AND IT ALL STARTED FROM WITHIN!

I’ll need to look at this excess mileage charge change. It used to be cheaper to pay the excess than up the monthly rate.

Thanks osbrook! Any info you find out would be great. The other strange thing. The £11.25 per 100 excess is applicable to the twizy only. Not the Zoe… The Zoe works out at £4.50 per 100 miles excess. I really just don’t understand., and for me about to sign on the dotted line has just come at the worst time.

Twizy: a great concept, ruined by the Renault machine of disinterested dealers, poor sales management and a lack of oversight by the ZE brand managers.

It is a real shame; if you read back through my dealer experiences you’ll be horrified.

If Apple or Sony had made it, it would be the coolest, must have product in the UK-it does not have to be sensible or practical to be highly desirable, just launched and branded well.
Renault has actively killed it.

what about my contract that i started earlier this year? Is the high new extra mileage charge only for new contracts?

Don’t really know when they brought in the new charges. Have a look at your contract. It will tell you the charges for excess mileage. Mine taken out about a year and a half ago was £1.50 for 60 miles. Would be interesting to see when they realized that it was cheaper for us to pay for excess mileage and brought in the new charges.

I think you will be ok, renault can’t apply the changes retrospectively. It does mean however when it comes to selling you have to look up what the latest charges, terms and conditions and then not only “sell” your car but also “sell” renaults latest whim regarding battery rental and twizy owners in general. Renault effectively dictate how much your car is worth for now and ever more.