Jaguar iPace Launch

Did anyone watch the unveiling of the Jaguar iPace on Thursday?

I’ve been following it since the concept was accounced just over a year ago, it looks amazing!

I’ll be ordering one this year and it will be my second electric car purchase after the Twizy. The Twizy was just the starter for me :blush:

Here’s a pretty in depth video on the iPace

Congrats. The iPace is a real beauty.
Keep us posted with the ordering, speccing (is there such a word), wait time etc.

Will do. My local dealership doesn’t even know what their allocation is yet so they’ve said they can’t really say what the wait time will be just yet.

Hopefully not too long, although I’m not reserving until I’ve been able to take a test drive in one.

Congrats James on the iPace, what a machine! Watched the video last night, bit different from the Twizy wouldn’t you say :wink:

Great to see an electric car being built in the UK.

Unfortunately it’s going to be built in Austria by Magna Steyr, not in the UK.

Designed and developed in the UK, but yes built in Austria.

Just a bit! The Twizy will always have a special place in my heart though haha.

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That’s a massive shame. Here’s hoping the Dyson EV is built here.

So some import taxes are looming if delivery is a year from now?
Interesting car, good interior, OTA software, modern cabin forward design, smart heat pump and also HUD.
Check the charging specs though. Do I read 1 phase 32A? I hope they bring that up to par in the first model update.

My Mate Matt who runs Sheffield Prestige has ordered one but when I told him where its being made he was thinking of cancelling the order for him a Jaguar is made in the UK!

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Can’t see why he gets so uptight about a Jag not made in the UK. Jaguar is not even a UK company anymore.

Easy he has made his money out of repairing Range Rovers and Jaguars and considers them the a proper car this is the thin edge of the wedge for him. I have no doubt others will think the same

No surprise there as RRs and Jags were not particularly known for their reliability previously, although recent ones are supposed to be better.

I’ve seen lots of people (especially on Facebook) complaining that these aren’t being built in the UK. Tbh, I couldn’t care less. Certainly not to the extent where it would prevent me from buying one. I read that the main reason for this is because Jaguar are waiting to see the outcome of Brexit before they commit to manufacturing them here.

I used to have a garage repairing Jags as as well and compared to some prestige cars they are a joy!! Today I replaced two suspension arms on my daughters c class Merc it took well over 3 hours, the same arms on a S Tyoe/XJ/XF only take 15 mins which clearly shows who has thought of the design and who hasnt! Mileage covered for replacement is similar as well. As I dont run regular cars I couldnt comment on my own experience as not many people have a Tuk Tuk in this country:joy:

I should imagine capacity has something to do with it too. Although I did read recently that they had idled one of their plants for a few hours.